To The 4 Most Annoying Women I Have Ever Met

To The 4 Most Annoying Women I Have Ever Met

When you get in a girl gang in which you are constantly annoyed, do not ever let them go because I promise, they are the ones that love you the most!


We have all had friends that annoy us to no end. You struggle with the constant battle of slapping them across the face whenever they get on your nerves, but you resist because you consider them as a best friend.

We all have at least one of those friends... but I have FOUR!

Ally, Sabrina, Mikayla, and Amanda have not been in my life for very long but Lord knows they have annoyed me so much that I feel as if we have all been together for many years. In honor of all the agitated moments I have had with them, I have decided to let them know once and for all just how much they annoy me.

Ally, it annoys me to no end that you do not realize how strong you are. I have seen you cry multiple times from stress and anxiety and I always do my best to comfort you, but the truth is, it kills me.

I hate to see you in those vulnerable moments because I know that you are so much stronger than you allow yourself to be. I hope one day you will accept the strong, independent and amazing woman that you truly are because once you do, you are going to do amazing things.

Sabrina, it annoys me to no end that you will not allow yourself to be the confident gal you really are. When we are alone in our little girl gang you are so vibrant and fun, but the second others come around, I see that brightness fade a little. You are one hot tamale and you need to start flaunting your beauty when guys that you are crushing on are around.

Who cares if you may not look the best that day, YOU ARE STILL SO FREAKING GORGEOUS INSIDE AND OUT!

Mikayla, it annoys me to no end that you let others get into your head. You are such a fabulous and headstrong woman, but I do not think you always see or accept that. Who cares what others think about you?

If you are happy and living your life in a way that is fulfilling, then do you boo! Twerk in public places, be as loud as you want regardless of who is around and speak your mind whenever you want. Always be your true self no matter who your audience is!

Amanda, it annoys me to no end that you try your best to be a people pleaser.

You are the kindest and most giving person I have ever had the pleasure of being friends with, but sometimes I think you let people walk all over you.

My hope for you is that you will take a stand and speak for yourself in every situation.

Do not let people control you or make decisions for you because you are so independent and capable of using that independence to blaze your own trail.

You gals have really made such an impact on me within such a short period of time.

So my hope is that when you read this article, you will know that I love each and every one of you with all of my heart and I want to see you grow as women, individuals and sisters.

Many people thought this article would be all about me bashing four women that I cannot stand. The truth is, this article was about me lifting up four women that constantly inspire me to become a better person.

All four of them are absolutely amazing and they have wonderful qualities that I admire, but like all people in this world, they have flaws. Luckily, we found each other and we can help each other through these flaws because that is what a girl gang is for!

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My Final Goodbye To Odyssey

Three years and 114 articles later.


If you asked me three years ago when I signed up for Odyssey on a complete whim if I'd still be doing in three years later, the answer would have been "no."

I never thought I was a good writer. I never thought I had anything important to say. I never thought anyone would read my articles.

But I am, I do, and they did.

In the last three years, my life has changed in so many ways. I joined Odyssey as a 21-year-old college junior. I was in my second semester at Rowan. I knew maybe four people on campus. I had only two dogs and a boyfriend.

I'm leaving Odyssey as a 24-year-old college graduate. When I graduated, I knew tons of people on campus. I'm single, I have three dogs, and I am the happiest I've ever been.

But something hasn't changed at all. I still have the most amazing and supportive friends and family.

Over the last three years, Odyssey gave me so much. The most amazing dream team of some seriously talented Rowan students, friends I never had to meet in real life to be connected to. It gave me the courage to start doing something I never knew I loved, but wish I could do every single day.

It taught me that people will bash your articles, your opinions, and your writing, but you should always be proud of what you create and put out into the world. It taught me that I'm never alone; someone somewhere feels the same way I do. They're going through or have gone through what I'm going through. There are complete strangers out there who also know they aren't alone out there.

So, thank you, Odyssey, for three years and 114 articles. For all the lessons, all the opportunities and all the stress. For giving me something to look forward to every Wednesday. For creating a passion I didn't know I had.

This may be the end of my Odyssey career, but it's not the end of my writing career.

Goodbye Odyssey, I'll always love you.

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