Four years have flown by. The best and sometimes the worst four years of your life. Hard classes, strict professors, gross on-campus food, can't forget about parking services — I know my school can't be the only one. But most importantly, all of the fun memories you've made over the years. Late nights out with your friends, getting an A in a class you worked so hard in, being involved in your organizations around campus, and getting through college on your own.

It's not easy, many of us work, on top of being a full-time student, and we're expected to be involved around campus, and have a social life? That's a lot of work to put on to one person. But you did it. In just a few days you're going to be getting your degree. Your roughly $100,000 degree, piece of paper, that you worked so hard for. Honestly, that's a huge accomplishment, and you should be proud.

It's probably crazy to think that this time has flown by so fast. Just four years ago, your parents were dropping you off at school for the first time. Asking for one more hug, or insisting that they stay and help unpack. And you were probably just trying to get them out the door so you could adventure into something new. And you did just that! You left your mark on your university, and you should feel the need to show off what you have accomplished.

After graduation, you're probably going to start a job somewhere exciting. And you're probably pretty nervous. You're officially about to be in the real world. Working in whatever career path you took. But you shouldn't be, because if you can make it through this time in your life, you can make it in the real world. There are so many challenges you face as a college student, and honestly, it's impressive to overcome all of them.

Over these next few days, make an effort to do everything you love to do at your school one more time. Coffee with your best friends, movie night with your roommates, night out on the town with your people, read out on the lawn in your favorite spot on campus, eat at one of the dining halls again just for old times sake! Your days as a college student are numbered, so make the most of it!

You did it! Congratulations!