To The Boys Living In My Freshman Year Dorm
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To The Boys Living In My Freshman Year Dorm

Welcome to 2nd Lo.

To The Boys Living In My Freshman Year Dorm

Every other year at Bonaventure in the Loughlen dorm, the floors alternate by sex. A pair of boys lived in my freshman dorm before me and now a new pair of boys will live it in after me.

Let me start off by saying you have legacy to live up to living in Lo 253. The year before me, 2nd Lo was insane. They were legendary on campus for being the most destructive freshman floor. They threw couches and dressers out windows, made sink waterfalls, ripped exit signs off the walls, broke mirrors, ripped sinks out of the wall and had a couple hall slip and slides.

This year, 2nd Lo was a little bit more relaxed to say the least, but we sure knew how to do the weekends right. Regardless, the bond of this particular floor in undeniable. There were break ups, make ups, other ups, movie nights, mac and cheese parties and cat sitting adventures (yes, a real life cat) in Lo 253. My best friends lived down the hall in 232. My "husband" lived below me, as well as all the guys that became the older brothers I never had. You're about to step into a whirlwind of insanity and fun, but you're also about to make amazing friendships in one of the closest dorms.

I'll give you a couple of tips as to how to survive on 2nd Lo.

The first shower is the best hands down. Never shower in the 4th one, because you get zero water pressure and it's always cold. In my opinion, the tall sinks are better than the short sinks (but fair warning, I did dye my hair blonde in the left tall one). I also let a month-old bowl of queso soak in that sink for 48 hours because it was growing a wide array of molds.

One of the beds in Lo 253 will probably permanently be stained with root beer. There comes a time of the year when ordering Domino's at 3 in the morning becomes a ritual and I spilled a whole 2 liter bottle of root beer in my bed -- sorry.

Don't bunk the beds in your room. I won't completely tell you why but I think you can figure it out.

You will always be able to hear the floors above and below you. One of my best guy friends lived above me. Maybe you'll meet a nice girl above you, too.

You can also hear your neighbors loud and clear. My neighbor Rachel and I used to talk to each other through the outlets all the time, no joke. So just remember that when you come home on the weekends.

The blinds are extremely fidgety. For the boys living in 232, you have my best friend Adele to thank for your lovely duck taped blinds. My advice is just to not touch them.

You're about to have the best year of your life. You probably were a little confused when you got assigned to Lo as your freshman dorm (I knew I was). I didn't even know Lo existed and was sure I was going to live in Rob or Fal. Other than the bathroom situation, you totally lucked out though. You're closer to the dining hall which comes in clutch, especially on Sunday mornings.

You're soon to be added to the Bona bubble and you'll never be able to or want to leave it. So, good luck and carry on the second Lo legacy.

Oh and P.S. -- don't be alarmed if I ever randomly come say hello, I'm just on the other side of the L.

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