Best Dog I Could Ask For

To My New Puppy

The best companion.


Ever since I was a little girl, I would always ask my parents for a dog on special occasions. Every birthday and every Christmas, I would put one thing on my list every single time; a dog. My parents wanted to get a dog as well but our living situation wouldn't accommodate that nor did we have the financial stability to take care of a dog properly. That all changed when we moved into a new house and money wasn't so much of an issue.

I was coming back from school after a very long day. I called my parents since no one was home when I got home. My mom answered and told me she was at the supermarket with my dad. I didn't think much of it so I just waited for them to get home. I distracted myself with some YouTube videos.

My parents finally got home. The lights were off and they walked in and said "surprise!" Next thing I saw was an adorable chocolate lab in my house. I started crying as soon as I laid eyes on her. I never thought in a million years my parents would actually get a dog. Her name was originally Godiva but we decided to rename her Cocoa.

She's only a few weeks old as of right now. She's a chewer and loves playing with my family. Cocoa is honestly the best dog and I'm so happy she is a part of my family. She makes all of us so happy. She still has a lot to learn but her little face makes up for all the "accidents" she's had around my face.

I can't wait for Cocoa and me to make more memories together. She means everything to me.

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Poetry On Odyssey: Remember Love

Poem about heartbreak after a recent break-up.


A heart never breaks even.

It never takes the shape of the one

Jagged line you would draw as a child

An image you were at least familiar with


A heart cracks in places you never knew could hurt

Pieces fall away

Dropping into the bottom of your stomach

Which is tied up in knots

Because somewhere in you knows

You'll never get those back

You fear you won't know what being whole is like again

And you never felt more whole than….


When you were…

When we were…..

And then another chip falls

It hurts to remember

Heartbreak begets

Heartache and

Heartache makes the heart break



One must never forget

For if you remember love

Remember what it looks like

Feels like

It'll be easier to find

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Everything You Need To Know About The Sudan Crisis- And What You Can Do To Help

Now is not the time to remain silent.


Sudan Military Kills Over 100 Peaceful Protesters | NowThis

Turmoil is spreading in Sudan as civilians are being massacred left and right, but few are aware of the details leading up to and regarding the calamity. Here is everything you need to know about the crisis in Sudan.

Civilians began to protest against President Omar al-Bashir as his presidency was one of violence and suffering. Under his rule, thousands of villagers were murdered by the government militia in 2003, and millions of Sudanese people were displaced from their homes. While the president was charged with genocide and war crimes, the charges were dropped when the government failed to get support from the UN. Bashir was again arrested in April 2019, after three decades of rule and several large protests.

After his rule came to an end, the people demanded a democracy, and smaller, peaceful protests eventually merged into a mass civil disobedience. Sudanese authorities banned social media and cut internet and mobile data in the capital of Sudan. Recently, soldiers have begun to open fire on crowds of protestors, rape women and men, and beat the protestors that remained on the streets. So far, it is estimated that over 100 people have been killed, 70 raped, and 700 injured. Among these numbers are hundreds of young children.

These people have no access to the outside world, or basic necessities like food and water. Instead of remaining silent and waiting for our country to step in, do your part and 1. Share this article informing others of the crisis 2. Sign this petition demanding the UN investigate this atrocity 3. Donate something to this GoFundMe raising money for Sudanese medical aid. Every share, signature and donation can and will make a difference.

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