To The Best Bro A Girl Could Ask For
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To The Best Bro A Girl Could Ask For

You are one of the best things I have gotten from Rowan so far!

To The Best Bro A Girl Could Ask For
Rowan SCCA

I know this is about a few weeks overdue, but I thought that maybe you still deserved to hear it.

I have had the best experience being roommates with my “Lovely Roomies.” I do, however, need to shout out one in particular.

Colin James Patrick a million middle names Berry, I could not have imagined this past year at Rowan without you. You have been my friend, my bug killer, my Fortnite partner and, most importantly, my mentor.

You were my person to vent to if I needed to and a "Mamma Mia" enthusiast. I loved watching movies with you for hours, and not to mention finishing almost all of "Black Mirror" in one day.

I always enjoyed our trips to the grocery store and then somewhere for lunch. Nine times out of ten, it was Wendy’s. I loved jamming out to Panic! at the Disco with you in my car, and I especially loved surprising you for your birthday to go to Topgolf.

The four of us have done a lot of really cool things together, but I think I will cherish all of the random things the most, like making Cajun chicken once a week.

I have learned so much about your job at the Student University Programmers from you over the last year, and you always made sure to run the show like we were in charge together. I am so happy that I am following in your footsteps with you gone next year.

I admire your enthusiasm and your ability to find the best in every situation. I can honestly say that you are one of the best things I have gotten out of Rowan, and I hope we will be friends forever.

It’s so sad that I didn’t meet you sooner because I wish we could have had more time in school to be friends, but I know that even though you graduated, we will not be seeing the last of each other any time soon.

Thank you for teaching me so much about tech and the art of doing your school work early.

Thank you for bringing Alyssa into my life, and don’t worry, I will keep an eye on her for you.

Thank you for being just as insane as I am without any hesitation.

Thank you for putting up with me all year and being honest with me.

Thank you for being the best bro a girl could ask for!

I don't know what I will do without you next year! I will miss you! Good luck in the real world!

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