To Teachers Everywhere
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To Teachers Everywhere

You are the real MVPs.

To Teachers Everywhere
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Dear Teachers Everywhere,

Thank you. Like seriously, thank you.

I honestly cannot say those two words enough, because the pride and effort you put into your job every single day impacts my life in more ways than one. I have yet to meet a person who has inspired me more than teachers have. Whether it be elementary school or beyond, you put your students needs before every thing else. It really is a labor of love, and you all are so good at it.

You don't get a lot of recognition, so that is why I am writing this. We need to celebrate you, encourage you, and take pride in you. You have the most important job ever, I mean, behind a brain surgeon of course. But, second it still pretty great. You are in charge of making sure the next generation is prepared to take on the world. You give them the necessary knowledge they need to survive and hopefully thrive. To hold all those young minds in your hands must be the most stressful thing ever, and I am here to tell you that I have got your back. I believe in you, I trust in you, and I will never stop recognizing all the hours of hard work you do.

I am so sorry that you are taken for granted, or even worse, blamed for everything that goes wrong in the education system. That is such an injustice and does not reflect the positive ways you enrich the lives of your students. They never talk about the teacher who provides students with free school supplies paid for from their own pocket, or the teacher that comes up with fun ways to encourage students to love learning, or the teacher who extends a helping hand out to a student who desperately needs it. No, they talk about a teacher with low test scores, because a percentage matters more than the amazing work you do.

I have learned so many things from my teachers past and present, and I will take many of those lessons with me throughout my life. Here are some of those important lessons:

1. Enjoy learning

The most important trait anyone can have is the eagerness to learn and grow as an individual.

2. Do what you love

Life is too short to not be happy with the work you do.

3. Effort is important

Try, and then try harder. Good things will come for those make the effort for them.

4. Failing happens, and it's okay.

No one is good at everything all the time. There will be subjects you aren't good at, and tests you will bomb. It is okay, pick yourself up and learn from your failures. If I cried every time math kicked my butt, I'd be drowning in my own tears.

5. Be kind and respectful

We are all humans, treat each other how you want yourself to be treated.

6. Have a little fun once and a while

Work hard, but live a little. Life doesn't have be dull.

There are so many more, so many lessons that I will need throughout my whole life. I am beyond grateful for every single one of them. So again, to my teachers past, present, and future, thank you. Just know that this student, and I can only hope many others, appreciated you and every single selfless and gracious thing you have ever done.

With love,


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