To The College Student Who Is Already Feeling Overwhelmed: Things Will Get Better

To The College Student Who Is Already Feeling Overwhelmed: Things Will Get Better

Just don't let yourself forget why you're there in the first place.

The first week of college can be extremely overwhelming for most students. I have felt an extreme amount of stress after just a few full days of classes. It can be overwhelming to adjust to a new year as well as figuring out how your classes are structured and run, which can make it easy to give in to the stress.

But I promise things will get better. In my experience, the first week of a new semester is always a little more stressful because you are just learning how classes are set up and when due dates are, which is a lot to take in. But stay focused on why you are there and dedicate time to solely focus on school work. Ask questions if you need help, and try not to let the stress get the best of you.

Things will begin to feel easier as you start to get into a routine. Eventually, you will begin to understand what is expected of you and what needs to be done in order to succeed in each class. Just keep reminding yourself to slow down and take a breath, and eventually things will begin to settle down.

So right now, it may seem stressful and overwhelming, but things will begin to become clearer, and the whole experience will become a lot more exciting again. Keep focusing on the reason you are at school in the first place, take time to let yourself breathe, and soon the chaos will begin to slow down. With time, things will begin to get better, and the stress will have all been worth it.

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