Over the past year or so I have seen time and time again people complain about other people getting upset over losing Snapchat streaks.

I get it, it's ridiculous, but you know what isn't?

The friendships behind those streaks.

Now I know that some people have at least 20 streaks with people they hardly know, but what about the people who have five streaks with each one of their closest friends.

This is a message to my streaks,

One day our fire might burn out because one of us was too busy. It's going to hurt a lot because we will both realize that while our friendship still stands the actual physical image of it isn't there anymore. You see, I started a streak with you and invested in it because your friendship is worth investing in. Your friendship is worth the time to tell you that I fell asleep taking a test or that when I tripped today I fell straight into someone else and almost knocked them over too.

Of course, I am going to tell you all of this later anyway, but it's worth seeing that 50 change to a 51.

That streak is a reminder that we have been continuously investing in our friendship for that many days. It's a reminder that we took the time to take a little longer to make ourselves look a little extra bad just to prove that we really do care about each other enough to send those pictures with 500+ chins.

Now, I know I have a group chat in there somewhere that might not have the fire burning beside it, but I know that without a doubt that group of friends is worth a million days worth of a streak. You guys are my people. Truly the greatest friends I have ever had and it's such a shame that our friendship days are not numbered by a cute little fire emoji.

I know it is so stupid of me to cherish something so worldly, but when it comes to people like me my streaks are my dearest and truest friends, so why wouldn't I cherish that? Why wouldn't I take the time each day to update each of you on the fact that I am running to class for the 11th time this semester because I missed the bus yet again?

So look, here is the deal, I am going to keep my streaks. I am probably going to get a little teary-eyed if I lose them. I know how lame and weird that makes me and I know I am probably going to be told a million times that I shouldn't be writing a letter to my friends I have streaks with, but here I am.

I cherish you, my dear Snapchat streaks. You will always be cherished. I know it's weird, but honestly, that's fine.

Love always,