3,937 miles away. 5 hours ahead. It seems like a different world where you are. Everything is foreign about it, but that's what's making it such an adventure.

I look forward to any connections we can have while we're apart. A Snapchat notification with your name on it makes my whole day. Seeing your blog posts make me so excited for you and I can hear your voice as I read them. And finding a time that works for both us (a special rarity) to facetime are always the best times.

Only about 77 days until you finally get to come home...even though I know you wish you could live there instead. I give you permission if you buy me a plane ticket over there!

(Just kidding, come home please).

It's been a weird change not seeing you and only talking with you throughout certain times of the day...yeah we would've been apart anyway with us both at college, but it feels different knowing you aren't even in the country instead of a couple states away.

Even though you're a country away, we make it seem like we're still hanging out right next to each other. We still get to fangirl over new movies together, discuss new music we found or new shows we're seeing, and share all the small things we don't want the other to miss out on.

You look so at home there. I know you've dreamed of traveling there for what feels like forever, and you finally made it there! It makes me so happy to see you going on adventures and taking it all in.

It's a bittersweet feeling. You're an ocean away, but I feel like I'm right there next to you enjoying it all too. And when we're actually both back home together, I can't wait to hear all about it again.

I can't wait to have our many jam sessions and random dance parties and movie marathons and cozy nights and baking days and walks and snuggles with the pup and laughs.

I can't wait for it all. The countdown to winter break is going to be more intense and celebrated than the New Year's countdown.

The second half of your time studying abroad looks to be even more exciting than the first half! I wish you all the best with the work ahead of you and all the fun times you're going to have!

All the pictures you've been sharing of travels there and the new friends you've made reflect all the great things study abroad is offering you (so jealous of all the cool things you're seeing)!

What else to say? You look like you're living your best life over there. It's great to see! Just wish I could share the experience with you. Maybe we should just go back together someday.

Sending all my love and hugs and snuggles across seas to you. And wishing you all the fun in the world to enjoy every second and everything you do there!

Love you, sis! See you before we know it!