To My Long-Distance Friends
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To My Long-Distance Friends

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

To My Long-Distance Friends

They say that everything happens for a reason. Humans simply weren’t made to handle certain situations alone. The universe offers a solution to these trying times and situations by tossing a few select people into our lives that we just “click” with. People that come into our lives and leave impressions not easily forgotten.

The only problem with these irreplaceable relationships is that they’re often formed in college, a melting pot containing people from all over the country. There's never a period of contentment. When you're at home, you miss your school friends; when you're at school, you miss your home friends. However, I always have something and someone to look forward to. Whether they be scattered in Missouri, Ohio, Kansas, or Pennsylvania, distance has nothing on love. Academic and work schedules create a frustrating barrier by limiting the time we spend together. The silver lining is found when we take a step back and truly cherish how precious these friendships are.

When you make friends that don’t live in your general vicinity, it’s a blessing in disguise. I’ve made incredible friendships throughout life and while I have endless gratitude for them, the far away pals bring something unique to the game.

Each reunion is lit.

Though we've kept in touch through countless texts, phone calls, FaceTime sessions, and Snapchats, the initial rendezvous never gets boring. Walking through the door and seeing a handful of my favorite faces after a grueling road trip makes all the daunting hours of driving and singing (off-key, by the way) alone worth it. The warm welcome and refreshing embrace from someone you haven't seen in months can be enough to make your heart smile for weeks.

We never run out of things to talk about.

Once the greetings are said and done, the real fun begins. Due to the rarity of face-to-face encounters, these friendships live in a constant state of playing catch-up. Not being together all the time leaves room to relive all the highlights that have occurred since the last visit. "Did that paper go OK?" "How's your grandma doing?" "When did you break up with him?" "Did she really put that on Instagram?" All important questions to be answered over a cup of coffee.

Not one second of time is wasted.

We know that our minutes together are numbered, so we live each to the absolute fullest. One could compare us to wild animals, wreaking havoc and running amok in a desperate attempt to have the most fun in the shortest amount of time. To make up for lost time, we take too many pictures, laugh too loud, raise our voices too high, and often have too many glasses of wine. None of which we ever regret (OK, maybe one or two regrets).

You remind me how much I'm loved.

It doesn't matter what you study in school. College is both difficult and exhausting for everyone. In the midst of classes, tests, and extracurriculars, people forget to appreciate the little things in life. The break from school stressors and other factors in my complicated life you provide for me keeps me from losing my mind. Thanks for reminding me that life is about more than a GPA and finding a job after graduation.

Ultimately, my long-distance friends have taught me that when you form relationships like ours, anywhere is home. My love for you runs as far as the miles between us. Each of you has earned a special place in my heart and have helped shape the person I am today, and the person I work to become. For that and for you, I am eternally grateful.


The person who misses you already

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