To My Human, From Dog

January 9, 2015,

Today was no different than any other day in these past couple of months. I let out a low groan so my human would know that I needed to potty. When she walked over to me she groaned at me then walked away and came back with a trash bag and some paper towels. Oops, sorry mom, I did not mean to poop on myself again. She picked me up and carried me to the door.

Walking on hardwood floors (or any floor at all) at this age is really hard. I miss running around the yard sniffing out for the best place to pee. Lately I just pee as soon as I get outside because it is hard to control it and it hurts to stand for too long. It is hard to squat with this old hips to pee, thank you mom for wiping my feet off.

She helped me back in and to the food bowl. This time she did not pour dog food this time, she poured dog treats, then scratched my head. She never just feeds me dog treats, I guess she loves me much more today. My hips started to hurt again so I knew it was time to go lay down.

But wait mom, why are you grabbing my leash? Where are we going? She picked me up, grabbed her keys and carried me out the door. WE ARE GOING FOR A RIDE! Today is my favorite day EVER! I could heard them whispering in the car ride there, but with my old ears I couldn't hear much.

We pulled up to Leslie's work, the vet's office. I used to hate this place, till they gave me special pills that would help my hips and lots of treats. Maybe that is what we were doing here today. We walk in and I great the cats, just like I always do. Normally we walk in and then walk out, but today human took me to the back. What is going on mom?

We sat there and Dr. Bragg came in with some medicine, some MORE treats, and some tissues (maybe she was sick). She spoke to mom for a bit, gave her the tissues, then walked out. Mom sat there and looked at me with the saddest eyes that were pouring with tears. I did all of the licking and head rubbing I could do to comfort her. She stopped to a sniffle and Dr. Bragg came back in.

They laid me down so my legs wouldn't go out. They are so sweet. I could feel something poke my leg, but it did not hurt that bad, it actually made me feel pretty good. The pain in my legs was gone but I was getting kind of sleepy. Mom then started crying again, doesn't she know that I am feeling better? I got another shot. It made me so sleepy. Mom rubbed and kissed my head and gave me the best scratches as I drifted off.

I am not sure where I went off to, but everything is great now. I can run free with no pain. I can squat as long as I want to when it is potty time, and I do not potty on myself anymore! They have the best doggy beds here, and SO much food and treats. Sandy and all of my old friends that I haven't seen in awhile are here, now I know why they never came back!

This is such a great place. I wish Mom was here to enjoy it with me, but I know that she is happy knowing that I am happy and no longer sick.

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