To my grandparents,

This is one of those times where "thank you" just doesn't seem good enough. The model you have set for me, the imprint you have made, and the love you have given me are beyond explanation. All I can truly say is that I would be nothing if it weren't for you.

Over the years you haven't just been a grandparent, you have filled many roles. You've been a teacher to me, filling me with knowledge as I went, little by little and sometimes without even knowing. You've been a friend, someone to laugh and have fun with and just be free because no matter what, I could always feel your love. And you've been the fun parent, many "don't tell your parents" have been said over the years and when mom and dad say "no," I always know who to ask.

Thank you for everything you do, every day. It will never and has never gone unnoticed. Your support and faith, whether in sports, school, or life has given me strengths and happiness on more occasions than you would ever think. Thank you for making your love for me a priority. I will forever be grateful for your tight squeezes, cheek kisses, belly laughs, and old stories.

I was lucky enough to be given the most incredible grandparents, and you really are spectacular— a gift I truly don't deserve. I wish we could make memories for the rest of our lives, and I wish you could stay forever so that my kids could experience what an honor it is to have you. Everyone deserves to feel your love, kindness, and selflessness. Know that I strive to make you proud in every aspect, and I wish to be half of the person you are. I will love you for the rest of my time.

With all my love,

Your grandchild