To All The Grandchildren — Put The Phone Down

To All The Grandchildren — Put The Phone Down

“Technology can never take you back to a moment, or what you all felt in that instant. So why not just live in the present and save the phone calls for another time.”


When talking about your grandma, you can't help but consistently call her adorable, sweet, cute, kind, loving-all those same adjectives you'd probably describe a new puppy. And rightfully so-grandma's really are precious. I love mine, and I'm sure you do too.

Chances are if you don't-you wouldn't have bothered clicking on this article. You (like myself) idolize your grandma(s) , but I'm sure have made similar, stupid decisions and let your cell phone make its way in between the time spent with her a bit too frequently.

When I was younger, I spent a good chunk of my time on my phone in front of my grandma. I'd check Facebook and would occasionally chat with my high-school boyfriend at the time. This was the same high-school boyfriend that cheated on me when I use to go visit her. It's no surprise I look back at this time and wish to revisit. What I'd give to scream in my 13 year old face: "You're wasting time talking to a guy that doesn't see you for a fraction of what you really are when your grandma actually does!"

Though I've gotten better, at 25 years old, I still make eye contact with my phone more than I wish I would. Though most times I spent taking pictures of-or with-my grandma, or even creating cute videos for us both to look back on-I still wish I could live in that moment with her-phone free. It's something I've actually had to really start reminding myself of before visits with her. "If I really want a picture-someone around me will have a phone to capture one."

I've been texting a few different times in front of them, and remember hearing both grandma's say: "Who are you chatting with now?" When they say it, it's so kind, so curious, and so heartfelt. They don't ask because they're annoyed my attention isn't directed at them, they're simply wondering who else I enjoy talking to, and that always gets to me. I always felt a lot of guilt from that because looking back on it now, how freaking hard would it have been to wait and have that pointless conversation with one of my friends at school? I saw my friends every day, but I only got to spend that kind of time with my gram's once in a while.

It did not register to me when I was younger because the reality and weight of the world didn't seem to hit me until my early-mid-twenties, but the time you spend with your grandparents could be your last. And in my case, I've watched my one grandma slowly forget memories for the past few years. Memories I thought it would be impossible for her to forget.

And this may sound selfish, and it may sound bad…hell, it's probably a little bit of both, but when my grandma couldn't remember my engagement with my fiancé, I spent some serious time wishing so badly I could reverse life. I'd go straight back to the moments I turned to my phone over my grandma. My grandma was FULLY present when I wasn't, and now that I have finally realized the value of a single moment (by no fault of her own) she can't be fully present with me. Don't get me wrong, she is still as mobile, spunky, adorable, and kind as ever (they both are), I just wish I could've appreciated them in THAT MOMENT before THAT MOMENT turned into one they couldn't remember as well.

So to my future kids, my future nieces, nephews, friend's kids-or even stranger's kids…

Please put down the phone. Your grandparents are freaking awesome. They're full of life lessons. Some that you'll carry with you for your entire life-others-maybe not so much…but still super worth hearing because it makes them happy. They will make you laugh, cry, love, and miss more than you'll ever know you're capable of laughing, crying, loving, and missing! Just do me a favor and be SMARTER than me. Take all that time you get to spend with them and just enjoy it. Spend all the nights you can at grandma's, eat her yummy breakfast, let her buy you that random knick-knack-all while keeping your phone in your pocket. No matter how much you may think it can, and no matter how many updates iPhone continually makes, technology can never take you back to a moment, or what you all felt in that instant. So why not just live in the present and save the phone calls for another time.

I promise you, one day when you're 25, working your 9:00-5:00 job, stressing about your dog that chewed up your charger, and what you'll make for dinner AFTER you go grocery shopping.. you'll miss those times with your grandma.

And I promise you-you will want them back.

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