Hi pretty girl. It's me, one of your humans.

I know you haven't been gone long, but it feels like it's been years already. You weren't our pet, you were our family.

You were a sister to me. You were the fifth daughter to our parents, and I honestly think they loved you more than they loved me sometimes. Heck, I even loved you more than I loved my other sisters sometimes. You were always there to listen to me, no matter how long, boring, or drawn out my story was. The second my eyes started watering you were at my side giving me kisses, filling my face and senses with your dog breath.

You were our family's protector. I am so sorry for every time I yelled at you for barking, I know you were only trying to keep me safe. You alerted us of every squirrel, cat, dog, or person that was in our yard and while it was annoying at the time I miss it more than ever now.

I know you lived a great life, but it doesn't make it any easier. You were 14 years old, which makes everyone consoling me say "Aw, she lived a long, happy life then!". I know you did, but it's still hard to swallow. For 14 years of my life you were there to wake me up with kisses, bark at Mom when she wrestled me to the floor, lay your head on my lap while we were on the couch, go on runs around town with me, sit on the porch with me and my friends, and chase me around the house until we were both gasping so hard we couldn't breathe. 14 years wasn't near long enough with you.

In dog years you were 98, and you were the best looking 98-year-old I've ever seen. I knew life was getting hard for you, you had lost your hearing and vision, as well as control of your bowels. We didn't care though. We would've dealt with your running in to walls for 14 years more if it meant you got to stay in our life. I would've clean up your messes forever if I could have.

They say I should be happy, because you don't have to live in pain anymore. You played off your pain so well though, even when your hips were giving out and Dad had to help you stand up you pranced around the house smiling like the youngest, most full of life dog in the world.

I saw you one last time before you left us forever. I am so happy our parents brought you to see my college, my house, and my new dog. I didn't know you would only have 2 more weeks on Earth, but thank you for waiting for me. Being away from you during college was hard, so I'm forever thankful that I got to see you once more before you got to meet God.

At this point I'm sure you know there are tears on my keyboard, but I promise you most of them are happy tears. You were the best dog ever, regardless of how biased I may be. Our family was so lucky to have such a loyal, loving dog. I know we were a little crazy, but we both know you were put in to our life for a reason.

I know you're always going to be looking down on us, and we will always be looking up to you. While you're up in heaven make sure you eat a treat for me, take an extra long walk for me, and take a swim in the pond for me. You deserve it.


Your human.