To My Best Friend Growing Up
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To My Best Friend Growing Up

God made us best friends because no mom could handle us as sisters.

To My Best Friend Growing Up
Brianna Geiger

We all have that one incredible best friend from our school days. Maybe you don't still talk, or maybe y'all are the same as y'all ever were. Mine was especially amazing, and still is.

We were inseparable. If you saw her, you saw me. If you saw me, you saw her. We were the basketball duo. We were best friend "goals." If one of us got sent to the principals office, it was either because of the other one or we were both in it together. Every time I got a paddling in high school, she was in line behind me. We were partners in crime. Best friends forever.

You taught me so much about life and about myself. You were always there for me. You stood up for me. You helped me through anything. You have always been so supportive of me what I want in life. You've had more faith in me than I've had in myself sometimes. I don't trust many people in this world, but you're definitely one of them. You know secrets no one else knows. You can relate to me like no other. We've spent nights laughing for hours, and others crying for hours. We opened up to each other from the beginning and we never regretted it. You are so strong and beautiful, even though you don't think you are. You have always listened to me and comforted me. You have played such an important role in my life from the beginning. I can't thank you enough for this.

I still remember the first time we spoke. It was the first day of 5th grade. You moved here the previous year, but you were in a different class. The only time I saw you was at P.E. or lunch, so we never really interacted. On the first day of 5th grade though, that all changed.

You walked into the classroom and walked straight up to me. I was already thinking, what is this chick doing? You spoke calmly to me, but firm at the same time. You said, "we're gunna be best friends." I remember thinking, who on God's green earth does she think she is? I thought of several things to say to her in those few seconds before my response. I was about to say, "who do you think you are?" But instead, for some reason, I just said, "okay," with a really serious and intrigued look on my face.

Fast forward two years, to when we went to the beach together before our 8th grade year began. We spent a week in Gulf Shores with my family, and got insanely sun burnt. We went souvenir shopping and got matching best friend turtle necklaces. It changed colors based on your "mood."

Fast forward two more years, as we enter high school together. We would have our arguments and our disagreements, and even try to not talk to each other sometimes, but it never seemed to last. We always had each other's backs, and we still do to this day.

Fast forward two more years, when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She stood by my side through it all and I can't ever thank her enough for it. Whatever my family and I needed, her family would try to help out. You see, it's not just your best friend that seems like family to you at this point. After so long, their whole family is like your family, too.

Fast forward just one year, to the year we finally graduate. To the year we always wanted to hurry up and come, but cried when it actually did. We didn't want to say goodbye to the place we met and made so many memories in, but it was inevitable. Was it really goodbye though? I think it was just "see you soon."

Over the next couple of years, up to me writing this right now, we have had some great life changes. I was accepted in a medical program and now I am about to graduate from it in less than a month. I already have a job at a very respectable facility. You just got married your second best friend, and you are expecting a little one soon. I am so happy and proud of the woman you have become, and I am so ready to see you experience all you want in life. I'm ready to spoil this little baby girl and make sure she knows that I love her. I am so grateful for the memories we have made together, and so excited for the many memories we will make in the future.

A lot of things have changed over the years, but one still remains the same. You are my best friend. We will always have each other's backs. CTG.

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