I recently had just moved into Mizzou campus about two weeks ago, though it is a big campus, I already feel like I am at home. I think it helps that I had someone I knew right off the bat, to get comfortable and used to the college life, someone to go through the same struggles your'e going through. It made moving in seem a little bit more at ease knowing that I already have one friend that is going through the same exact thing and can be going through the ride and emotion rollercoaster of this thing called college. It makes campus seem a lot smaller than it is, already knowing someone, having a friend that can go through what your going through and can help you make the best decisions as possible because they know what your comfortable with and not.W We read each others minds, we laugh and we can relate, connect and help one another. It truly makes living on your own more at ease when your roommate is a close friend already. I'm sure meeting new people for roommates is great but I preferred having someone I already knew. It was easier having a friend that knew my situation with my wheelchair and is comfortable with helping me and being around someone who is in a chair. It was one less thing I had to worry about. It was something that I didn't have to go to bed worrying oh does my roommate not like me because of this? I didn't have to worry about that at all. I lucked out, my roommate is the sweetest most down to earth person I know. And I don't regret having a roomie that is also my best friend.