To Girls With Curly Hair

To all you girls with curly hair: I feel your pain! The way to describe our crazy curls is most simply: a struggle. We will never know what it is like to wake up in the morning and be able to walk out the door. We will never know the satisfaction of running our fingers through our hair. What we will know is what is like to get complimented on our hair and then listen to a long story about how they wished they had our hair. Don't get me wrong, I think curls are beautiful, but sometime we need a break. This is for all you girls that know the continued struggle of seriously curly hair.

1. You Wake Up In The Morning To Something That Cannot Be Identified As Hair But Rather As A Ball Of Frizz.

The unfortunate truth comes out.

2. People Compliment You, Because They Think It Is Beautiful, But Little Do They Know The Ugly Truth.

Thank you! You do not understand the measures it took to get to this point.

3. People Always Ask You Why You Don't Leave Your Hair Down Naturally.

Girls with curly hair do not have that privilege.

4. People Also Tell You How Much They Want To Straighten Your Hair, But You Should Only Let Them Do This If They Are Your Worst Enemy.

Do you have 3 hours to spare?

5. You Hear This Quite Often: "I Wish I Had Your Hair. You Are So Lucky."

It is not as fun as it looks. It may look full of energy, but my arm after brushing it sure does "knot."

6. You Also Hear This: "Is That Your Natural Hair?"

Girl, do you think I would try to make my hair look like this?

7. Wanting To Throw Your Hair Up Into A PonyTail, But Knowing That It Won't Work Out As Planned.

Who knew finding a hair style for sport's practice would be so difficult.

8. Girls With One Wave In Their Hair Consider Themselves Curly Headed, And All You Can Do is Laugh.

You don't even know the half of it!

9. Your Hair Is Impossible To Brush When It Is Dry.

This is not possible in any way, shape or form.

10. You Know You Will Go Through At Least A Bottle Of HairSpray A Week.

*wonders how many living things I'm killing with this aerosol can*

11. You Secretly Love It.

At the end of the day you look at your curls and think, "wow maybe I am lucky!" Each curl makes us perfectly unique.

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