To the college freshman,

How's it going? Tell me the experience you have had so far. How was your semester?

Did it make or break you? Did it put you under tons of stress? Were your finals easy or hard?

College is a lot different from high school, and I guess you can say that can be good or bad. You gain the independence you have always wanted, but the workload is ten times harder.

Well, congratulations. You made it through your first semester. Only seven more to go!

You might be thinking to yourself that, yikes, graduation is so far away. It's not over yet. This is only going to get worse and harder, and it's going to test you more than ever.

You're not wrong. I'm not here to discourage you from this journey. I'm telling you to enjoy it.

How can you enjoy the stress of college? You might ask this every single day, cursing to yourself and to the skies that you wish it was already over. You are running low on sleep and your diet is simply just ~coffee~.

Although this may be true, this is only PART of your journey. There are so many other things that happen during college. You meet new friends, some who may be forever and some who you may have a falling-out with. You go to different student events. You make memories.

Grades and a GPA are important, but only a sliver of what you get during this experience. Keep this in mind as you push through these finals.

I'm warning you now: it will get harder. Some people say it depends on your major, but I truly believe that even the easiest majors go through hell and back by their teeth. Classes will be more advanced, and you will go more in-depth with your major.

Please do not give up during this time.

In a funny way, conditions are weird for a freshman like you. You are stuck with crap housing and crap food. You are stuck with roommates you may not have wanted in the first place. However, classes are supposedly easier. Of course, that was from my personal experience. I cannot entirely speak for you.

All I know is that college went by super fast for me. I blinked and now I am a senior entering my last semester. Usually, the Spring goes faster than the Fall, so graduation will be here before I know it.

The advice I give to you: although it can test your patience and make you stressed, enjoy every single minute of college. Believe me, I'm currently in my feelings and I don't want it to end.

You got this, I believe in you. But please, do not blink.

Have a great time, and make lots of memories. You will not regret it. All of this hard work and sleepless nights will be worth it. I promise you. Your degree will show it.

Best of luck, and have fun!

From, the college senior.