To Everyone Struggling With Online Classes Right Now
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Student Life

To Everyone Struggling With Online Classes Right Now

None of us asked for this.


Unfortunately COVID-19 not only has plagued people with health concerns and apocalyptic grocery shopping habits (yes I’m looking at you, toilet paper hoarders), but many school systems everywhere have been forced into an online transition. While the corona virus has taken away all social activities for people of all ages, especially excited students, it has loaded an unexpected weight onto our shoulders. See you later face-to-face classes, hello Zoom university. Okay, but in all seriousness, students everywhere are dealing with several levels of change like so many others, and acknowledging the struggles of online learning is important in the chaotic confusion of these times.

I personally think that the least helpful element of the transition of online learning is the rapid pace of the adjustment. With the panic of the global pandemic, it seems like some professors are either overassigning or underassigning work, which does no good to calm down student or teacher. While some students tend to be more relaxed about schoolwork than others, there is a great level of confusion for students, at the very least. It seemed like one minute everyone was calm, collected, and not overbuying toilet paper and other grocery items. The next minute Zoom has become the new best friend that no one expected to get close to.

At a time where all priorities have been shifted and redesigned for survival skills, most students are probably wondering what the purpose of school even is anymore. In a time when days and weeks feel like they are in timeless suspension, students need to be reminded that education is always worthwhile under any circumstances. Even though online classes are a headache, learning how to appreciate what we had before the corona chaos and looking forward to what will happen after is vital to keep students from losing all hope for education entirely.

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