Coronavirus From A College Senior’s Point Of View
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Coronavirus From A College Senior’s Point Of View

We've worked so hard to get to this point that has seemed to be ripped from us.

Coronavirus From A College Senior’s Point Of View
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Since this Coronavirus has taken over, it's been heavily weighing me down. As a college senior, in my student teaching semester, I was ripped from my kiddos and essentially put on standby until the university could come up with a longterm game plan. As of yesterday, the university has moved fully online for the remainder of the semester - I won't be returning to campus.

Overall, the situation sucks and there are so many emotions coming into play: anger, sadness, confusion, regret...the list goes on.

Many of us had a lot to look forward to in these next few weeks.

Preparing for graduation by decorating caps and buying dresses.

Attending our last classes/placements.

The last late nights with roommates.

Finishing those last finals to cap off your undergrad career.

Attending job fairs and interviews to solidify those post-college plans.

The celebration and feeling of accomplishment have seemingly been ripped from us due to this virus taking over our country. And while things could be worse, it really just sucks to get so close to the end and having the end be like this. Everything happened very quickly and nobody quite realized until it had happened that many of our lasts may have very well happened without us knowing.

The next couple of months are seemingly unknown as everyone tries to sort through what this new normal will look like.

Will graduation take place?

Will graduate schools also be affected?

How will the next school year take place?

There are a lot of questions and not many answers right now which, for someone like me who already has a multitude of anxieties, is not easy to accept.

To all my fellow college seniors, my hope for you is that you are one way or another able to celebrate the accomplishments you have achieved in the last four years.

I hope you get closure for your college career, in whatever ways you are able.

I hope you can hold onto those years of memories and value those instead of the unfortunate way we're ending.

While this is not the ending any of us hoped for, it does not take away from the hours upon hours of hard work and dedication.

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