Hey Joey. Again. I lost count of how many articles about you but here's another one because you're a great person to write about.

So here you are. About a couple of weeks into your junior year of high school, and I don't know how you are doing in it right now because we don't text much unless we talk about Person 5 (something we bonded over the summer). I still found it funny how you thought the Twitter hashtag #Persona4Million was for something about a new version of Persona 4 but it was because BTS' recent EP release "Map of the Soul: Persona" hit 4 million sales. But I'm glad that we bonded over something that connects to something that you likes (video games).

Okay, back to talking about you now being halfway through your high school career. Here we both are, now halfway through major sets of school years (even though I'm older than you by four years). Being in my junior year of college, I hope you know that I am here for you if you ever need it.

Here's a little summary about my junior year of high school to help you because you were only in seventh grade when I was a junior in high school. I took AP Biology so I'm glad that you are not taking it because that was a bad idea on my part and I probably should've stopped taking honors classes after sophomore year but I didn't. That was when I decided I wanted to go to Bowling Green State University which, obviously, is where I am now (as I type this article while sitting in the common area of my apartment with two of my roommates and one of my roommate's friends watching Youtube). I finally got over this crush on this one guy I had (now I am in my first relationship with my boyfriend of three months) and I thought I would be on the path I wanted to be on as an intervention specialist.

You know, the more I think about my junior year of high school while writing this, I realized that as I went through a lot, you're about to start making some very big decisions and do some big things as well. You're going to take the ACT, you're going to start applying for colleges, you're going to go to prom (maybe because prom for our school is junior and senior year but I don't know if you're going to go), among many other things. I know that it's only the beginning of the year and you also are going in between careers that you could see yourself doing in the future because of what you're interested in. You have so much time, but I want you to know the next two years are going to go by so fast. One minute my junior year began and in a blink of an eye, I graduated high school. I have an extra year of college so we will have a year where we're both in college, but I want you to know this: please enjoy every moment.

I love you.