Tips To Rock a Punjabi Suit
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Tips To Rock a Punjabi Suit

If you’ve been invited to take part in a traditional wedding this summer, you may be on the hunt for a Punjabi Suit.

Tips To Rock a Punjabi Suit

If you’ve been invited to take part in a traditional wedding this summer, you may be on the hunt for a Punjabi Suit. A Punjabi Suit is a traditional Indian dress that women often wear to weddings and it’s one of the most popular styles of outfit to wear for any formal occasion. That’s because the Punjabi suit is always changing and evolving with modern aesthetics while still holding tradition dear. Depending on your style and where the wedding will be, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration when choosing your suit style and materials. These beautiful garments are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, party or upscale get-together with colleagues. With so many different styles, colors, and patterns to choose from, it’s no secret why the Punjabi suit has remained such a popular traditional garment for Indian women. Keep reading for a few tips on how to rock your Punjabi suit!

Choose the Right Fabric

Punjabi suits are essentially two-piece suits that fit to form at the top and allow for a loose, flowing look at the bottom. The fabric of these two pieces is important and will affect your overall comfort in wearing the garment. Stiff fabrics such as cotton and linen might seem like breathable, durable fabrics for this garment, but they actually result in a slightly bulkier look than desired. Silks and satins are ideal fabric bases for the Punjabi suit as they allow for the flexibility that is so attractive about this garment in the first place.

Comfort Is Key

This brings us to the next point which is that comfort is key! One of the most attractive reasons for wearing a Punjabi suit is the comfort they bring to a traditional look. With the right fabric, you’ll feel dressed up and comfortable even in a warm climate. What’s important to remember is that the type of garment you choose depends on your body type. The more pleated styles of pants will accentuate an hourglass shape and make for a wonderfully formal look, but that style may not be the best fit for everyone. There are certainly pant styles with fewer pleats and fit a variety of body types.

Traditional or Modern?

When it comes to Punjabi suits, there are a lot of options for highlighting a more traditional aesthetic or going with a more modern one. There are nearly infinite options when it comes to colors, combinations, and patterns, so it just depends on what your personal style is like! Traditional styles will have more matching colors, and there are many options when it comes to mixing and matching different patterns, colors, and styles for these suits. Another reason why this garment is so attractive is once again its flexibility both in comfort and style. It’s always changing with those that wear them and makes for an outfit that can go a really long way when chosen right. Are you a traditional person or more modern? Ask yourself these questions before choosing your Punjabi Suit!

Details Matter

Of course, beauty is always going to be in the details. Accessories, jewelry, makeup, and hairstyle all have their own part to play in your overall look. The details matter, especially at a traditional Indian wedding or formal event. The key when it comes to accessories is to choose carefully and wisely. Most, especially brides, will want to go all-in for their jewelry. While it’s understandable, it can make for a slightly chaotic look overall. The Punjabi Suit is already such an interesting and detailed garment that over-accessorizing can have the opposite effect. Rather than adding subtle accents, you’re creating a distracting canvas of different garments. Think about choosing a few key items such as a center necklace, and some earrings, and see how your look is coming together from there. If it’s too much, strip something away. If you think you could add more, do so with caution and always get a second opinion! Always go for subtle details, this will help you prioritize the focal point of your aesthetic for the wedding or party you’re preparing for.

To rock a Punjabi Suit, think about these key details. For one, make sure you choose the right fabric. You’ll want something that is both thin and durable so your dress can have the flowing effect that these suits are known for, as well as being breathable and not too stuffy. Cotton and linen are often too thick and create an odd, bulky look to a Punjabi Suit. Stick with lighter fabrics like silk or satin to achieve the elegant look of the Punjabi while keeping yourself both cool and comfortable throughout the day. Last but not least, make sure you add a few subtle details to complete the look!


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