We've all been through that struggle. Whether it's a face full of acne or a couple of pimples here and there. We've all experienced having the world's worst pimple on our face and doing everything in our power to make it go away. Whether it's popping it or layering on several products, we've all been there.

Here are 8 simple yet effective tips and tricks that I use when that one persistent pimple just won't go away.

1. Honey.

Believe it or not, honey is a great way to get rid of a pimple! What I like to do is dot a small bit of honey on my face with Q-tip before bed and leave it overnight. It can be challenging because you kind of have to be wary of getting honey everywhere. However, it's really not that big of a deal since you're only dotting a small amount anyway. When I wake up in the morning, my enormous, inflamed pimple has significantly gone down! Sometimes I have to do it three nights in a row but hey, it's worth it. Make sure you only use raw honey!

2. Tea tree oil. 

This is also a holy grail to me. It's more of a slow approach but it still works wonders! After I wash my face and moisturizer around my pimple, I will dot my problem areas and pimples with tea tree oil! If you have sensitive skin, I don't recommend that you do this or if anything, dilute it with water. I use a Q-tip for this as well. I will typically apply this both in the morning and overnight! Just be wary of the smell, it is so strong.

3. Apple cider vinegar. 

For those of you who aren't aware, ACV also acts as a very good toner! It helps clean your skin, get rid of impurities, and help with scarring! I, however, hate the smell of ACV and typically refrain to only using it every now and then. I'll grab a cotton pad, pour some ACV on it, and then wipe my face. It works like micellar water but 10x more appalling in its smell.

4. Mario Bodescu's drying lotion.

For many people, Mario Bodescu is a holy grail. I don't use it because I think that tea tree oil works just as good and it's 10x cheaper. They both "dry" out the pimple but Mario Bodescu's drying lotion can really only be used at night.

5. Kate Somerville's EradiKate.

This product is literally Mario Bodescu's drying lotion, just another brand. Before I realized that tea tree oil works wonders, I used this product! It can be purchased at Sephora, so it's a little pricey. It comes in a mini-bottle similar to Mario Bodescu's but they also come in Q-tips that are very easy to use and travel with. You just snap one end of the Q-tip and the product rushes to the other side and you just dot it over your face.

6. Burt Bee's Spot Treatment.

I personally love Burt Bee's because they use a lot of natural, clean products and their packaging is sustainable! We stan looking good and being eco-friendly! Their spot treatment reduces the appearances of blemishes but you might have to use it a couple nights in a row. I think this product works best once you've popped your pimple but if it's starting to grow, definitely use it as a preventative treatment.

7. Toothpaste. 

While I don't highly recommend using toothpaste, this is a relatively cheap, simple, and easily accessible product! It does help reduce inflammation but you have to be careful of what toothpaste you use. Typically, you shouldn't use whitening toothpastes on your face. I've used this treatment back when I was younger (and lazy) but I don't do it anymore. If you have sensitive skin, don't try this.

8. Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action Pads. 

I love, love, love this product. It's amazing - it comes with many pads and is very affordable. Clearasil's pads are basically a deep pore treatment, it cleans your skin and deposits acne medication into your skin. I use this after I have washed my face and before I moisturize.