I think that a lot of people think that they are good leaders. However, the reality of the situation is that everyone, no matter how experienced, can always improve their skills to be better

1. Have a vision

As a leader, you have to be able to see the outlook for the project you are working on. Knowing what the vision is of your task is key in order to be able to lead everyone else towards being able to complete that task or project.

2. Speak your mind

Many people think that pleasing everyone is the sign of a good leader, however, that strategy is not effective in large, diverse groups. Thus, is it key to be able to articulate what you asking from your team and why you are asking what you are asking. You need to be able to speak your mind confidently in order to help your team understand what you are asking of them and to get everyone on the same page.

3. Listen

You may be the leader, but you are not always right. It is critical that in order to be successful at your goal or task that you listen to the ideas and suggestions your team is providing you. Their feedback may greatly improve your project, which in the end benefits everyone on the team! If you don’t initially understand what you team is asking of you, ask them to elaborate and do not be afraid, as the leader, to ask questions for clarification.

4. Be kind

I think that many people think that part of being a leader is demanding everyone’s attention and being very authoritative. In my opinion, I believe that you can do those things while also being kind. Being approachable and relatable is key for being a leader because when people feel comfortable working with you, productivity greatly increases.