Tips of the Trade...Of Drinking
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Tips of the Trade...Of Drinking

Tips of the Trade...Of Drinking

Everyone in Auburn know that once football season ends and spring semester begins, most of the big fraternity parties die down for a few months, which leaves most people wondering where their new watering-hole will be. Usually, the answer to this is simple: bars. Whether one chooses to frequent Quixotes, Bourbon Street, En Fuego, 17-16, Sky Bar, or all of the above, there are some definite do’s and don’ts. 

WARNING: This list was compiled from real-life experiences; learn from these common mistakes.



1. It’s understood that drink specials are a MUST.
Honestly, what reason does anyone have for missing 2-3 hours of obnoxiously cheap alcohol? Yes, it feels a little alcoholic-like to be at the bar as early at 6-7 p.m., but at least you’ll have a buzz before you start paying full price for smaller drinks. Also, you don’t have to deal with that awkward time period between dinner and drinking, because rather than waiting until 10:00 or 11:00 to go downtown, you can go straight from dinner to specials. It’s the perfect place to congregate with friends before the night really picks up, as well. There are a variety of specials almost every night at basically all of the bars, so take it from me; drink specials are definitely a DO.
2. Bounce around to different bars throughout the night.
Of course, everyone has his or her own rituals when downtown for the night, but going to the same place(s) can get kind of old. Try out different places. Grab a $2 32 ounce well from En Fuego or burgers and cheap top-shelf liquor from Quixotes. Switching up your normal routine once in a while will keep Auburn’s small downtown area feeling fresh and exciting.
3. Get involved in the activities at the bars.
For example, suck it up and hop on stage with some friends for karaoke. If that doesn’t seem so fun to you (or you haven’t drank enough for that), start small by playing trivia or bingo. It’s always a good time, and you have the opportunity to win things like gift cards or free drinks.
4. Relive your younger (and hopefully crazier) days.
Another way to break the normal routine downtown is to let loose occasionally. Crash a social. Dance in the Boom Boom Room all night. Revisit the “freshman” bars. Just take a night once in a while to go out and relive your crazy (and most likely pre-21st birthday) years. I guarantee you won’t regret it.
This might seem pretty obvious, but I think everyone has had the unpleasant experience of being the most (or completely) sober person at the bar and can reiterate that it isn’t so much fun. I advise you to go out, order some drinks, have fun, and call a cab (or the drunk bus) to get home. 



1. Blacking out before specials are over causes problems.

Everyone has a night like this, whether it’s your birthday or the first time you’ve drunk in a long time, but try NOT to black out before specials are even over. And yes, it takes some practice to know exactly how many drink specials you can have before you’re drunk, whipping out your credit card to buy shots for everyone you know in the bar, but always remember that specials are the pregame, not the main part of the night. Aside from a nasty call from your parents the next morning about the credit card bill, blacking out before the end of specials also leads to unhappy friends that have to take care of you/send you home and a night of (most likely) poor choices. Specials end at 9:00 pm and the bars don’t close until 2:00. Just keep that in mind when you go out.

2. Overthink your outfit.

If you sit at the bars and judge people for what they are wearing, you aren’t doing it right. The point of going out is to have fun, so focus on that rather than the girl in a t-shirt and norts, because if you don’t, I guarantee she’ll be having more fun than you. Plus, have you ever gone out in Nikes/leggings and a t-shirt? It’s so comfortable and it automatically releases your inhibitions, I DEFINITELY recommend it.

3. Cause problems and get thrown out.

Let me explain a little more. Don’t start fights, cause scenes, or insult the bouncers/bartenders, because they WILL kick you out and if it’s bad enough, people WILL record it. It’s embarrassing. If anything, make friends with the bouncers and bartenders, it’s a better idea. Again, to repeat the point of this article: HAVE FUN DOWNTOWN and don’t be a jerk.

4. Make sure you know what is due/happening in class the next day.

Take it from me, it’s not fun to realize that you have a quiz due online as soon as you get to the bar. Also, I promise your grade will suffer if you take a test with a nasty hangover after a night out. As lame as it sounds, just take care of school before going out…or at least don’t complain about your grades after the fact.

5. Feel free to buy yourself drinks/shots…seriously feel free.

There’s nothing worse than hounding your friends to buy you shots and drinks… Well, except maybe hounding multiple people of the opposite gender that you have no interest in to buy you shots and drinks and then having to deal with them all night. This is a soft don’t because obviously paying for everything yourself sucks, so this is okay on certain occasions, just try not to get the reputation of being a mooch. People will like you less AND stop buying you things, which would eventually lead to you being alone AND having to pay for all of your own drinks.


All in all, going to the bars is fun, and in Auburn, it’s basically all there is to do for most of spring. Keep these tips in mind as you head downtown, and I guarantee you have more fun. Also, be sure to check Auburn Pulse or the individual bar websites for updates on special events or drink specials.

War Eagle, everyone!

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