When you get home after a long day of school or work, does your appearance look different than when you left your house that morning? Does your outfit look rumpled? Does your hair look like if hasn't been brushed in a week? Does your face feel greasy? Questions like these can are often answered "yes," but by using some of these great tips, you can answer "no" to all of these questions!

Lint Roller

My first tip is to go buy yourself a lint roller. For those who don't know what lint is, it is the specks of dust and fuzz that get all over people's clothes. To keep your outfit looking sharp, use a lint roller to get all these unwanted fuzzies and hair off your clothes! It allows your look to say fresh and will only cost you a few dollars!

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

This item not only comes in a household size but travel size as well! It is a spray that you put on your clothes, and then rub in, that eliminates wrinkles. It is great on the go because it allows you to keep your outfit wrinkle free and it also makes your clothes smell fresh.

Oil Absorbing Sheets

For people that have oily skin, it can cause your skin to look shiny and worn out. To prevent this, get some oil absorbing sheets to dab away any excess oil on your face!

Travel Sized Hairbrush

I myself have very long hair, and it can get tangled and frizzy during the day. But without a hairbrush, it makes my look seem messy. To fix this problem, I keep a travel size hairbrush in my car or in my backpack. This allows me to brush out my hair in the bathroom to keep my appearance sharp. The great thing about them is since they are so cheap, you can always go get a few of them and place them where you would need them most.

Perfume Roller

When your perfume wears out in the afternoon, no worries at all if you have your perfume roller on hand to put on so you can smell great no matter the time!

Breath Strips

After lunch, your breath is not going to be smelling so fresh. Sometimes, you also don't want to be the loud person chewing gum as well. An alternative is using breath strips, which dissolve in your mouth and get rid of any indication of what you ate for lunch!