Sure crying is normal and okay at first, but here's some ways to pick yourself right back up and move on.

Stay Busy

Listen, I'm just like everybody else and when I get sad all I want to do is eat and cry but where does that get you? It's better to occupy your mind and do more productive things than sit around and cry about the situation. It's in the past now and the only way to get over a breakup is to stay occupied. If you're bored and sitting alone in your room right after a breakup, odds are you're probably overanalyzing the situation and wondering where everything went wrong.

Find Yourself

It's hard to be by yourself and stop picturing yourself with that person now but that just means this is the perfect time to figure yourself out. Most people don't fully take the time to know and love themselves before looking for something and I think that's extremely important. Sometimes being alone might actually be the best thing for you to experiment and try new things as well as fully figure yourself out.

Realize you can do better

It's hard to imagine yourself without that person and moving on but knowing that you can do so much better than that person really helps. When I say better I'm not just talking about looks, I'm talking about personality and the way that person may treat you as well. You can be with the most attractive guy ever but if he treats you terribly, it's not worth it at all, you can do so much better.

Cut off contact

This is the actual hardest part because it's human nature to want to keep that person on social media and keep their number hoping they'll one day contact you. Trust me, it's not worth it. Things aren't going to change even if you were to go back to the person or if they were to contact you wanting you back. It'll hurt at first but once you stop seeing that person pop up all the time, it'll make it so much easier to move on from them.


This is the most important part, time. You don't just get over someone in one day, it's actually impossible. Even if you were with the person for a month or 2 years, it'll still take time to fully get over the person. The amount of time it'll take is different for everyone and everyone will have their own ways of getting over it.