Finals week. The college student's most stressful time. Even if you think you know everything you need to know for your classes, the doubts still linger. Here are some tips to help you destress during this time.

1. Take a study break.

Studying is the most important part of preparing for finals, but after three consecutive hours of trying to memorize stuff, your brain will be fried. Take an hour off in between long hauls to restart your mind.

2. Hydrate.

Coffee and energy drinks are all well and good when you need to stay awake, but they're diuretics. Make sure you're replacing all that fluid lost with water in order for your body to be at prime when the test lands in front of you.

3. Scents to help you remember.

This one may not work for everyone, but wearing a nice smelling lotion or perfume while studying and then again during the test can help many remember. I'm not sure how the science behind it works, but it has helped spark some memories for me.

4. Netflix breaks will not kill you.

When you're ready to call it a day after a lot of studying, spending a few hours vegging out with a good show won't kill your grade (especially if you've spent all day studying). Vegging out and letting your mind wander or be entertained by stupid stuff on TV is a great way to relax muscles you might not have even know were tense. It will also help your brain to stop thinking at the speed of light and help you wind down for sleep.

5. Hot cocoa is cheap and wonderful.

Instant hot cocoa mix costs so little in the grand scheme of things. I highly recommend keeping a container on hand for when you need to stop vibrating from the coffee intake, but still want something sweet and creamy. Pro-tip: pick up a pack of Rolos while you're at it, and toss them in after you've stirred in the mix. It'll change your world when you taste sweet caramel and real chocolate with the instant stuff.

6. Sleep.

My final and most important tip is to get some sleep whenever you can. If you need to take a 15-minute power nap in between subject studies, do it. If you've been up all night and find yourself crashing the next day, put it all aside and take a nice long nap. Getting a good night's rest before your test is also very beneficial because your brain will be alive and firing, instead of dragging and struggling. College students are often some of the most sleep-deprived people, so treat yourself and catch some extra z's this week. Your GPA may thank you for it.