3 Ways To Reflect On The Year If You're Feeling Exhausted And Running On Empty
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3 Ways To Reflect On The Year If You're Feeling Exhausted And Running On Empty

Ask yourself what you'll really need this new year.

3 Ways To Reflect On The Year If You're Feeling Exhausted And Running On Empty

In more ways than one, it has been a long year. So if you're feeling tired, run-down or sad, you're not alone. And in case you're feeling small or even insecure about having these emotions, please know that everything you're experiencing is valid - not just now, but always.

That's why, as this year comes to a close, I hope you can ask yourself a few simple questions. It might help to write down these answers in your journal or on a sticky note so that you can continue to remind yourself to take care.

1. How are you doing?

You ask others, but rarely yourself - how are you really doing? Name all the emotions you can. Write down things that happened to you or thoughts you've had that were bothering you. Vent. Writing this all down makes sure that it doesn't burden you as much, almost like how talking things out sometimes helps to work things through.

As you go through this little practice, I hope you start to feel yourself becoming even the slightest bit lighter; you deserve to have a positive outlet for all your experiences.

2. What will you be needing?

I hope that after giving life to how you've been feeling, there's some more clarity as to what you will need in order to heal. Now, write those things down. It could be literally anything - certain music/movies, a long-lost hobby, calling a friend, meditation, having regular spa days, practicing an exercise form best for you, buying yourself something frivolous, donating to a charity, or investing in health-related equipment.

Write down at least two things that you can put into practice so that you can start to refuel itself little by little.

3. How can you give yourself what you need?

Now that you have a a few ideas for your next steps, see if you can come up with a plan on how you can begin with the first one. You might want to set aside a specific time in the week on one day, two days, or even every day to practice one of your necessary items - whatever feels right to you. Don't be afraid to start small; it's always better to increase the time rather than feeling bad for not giving the goal you had in mind.

If there's one thing I hope you take away from reading this, it's that you won't always feel like this. Give yourself the gift of patience, and treat yourself like you would a friend. We're all in this together. 💜

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