College is a stressful time. It is a time of change and a time of adventure. You have ups and you have downs. It can seem impossible to manage everything: school, social life, work, etc. As I get back into the swing of things for my sophomore year, I've picked up on some tips to help you and I have the best semester. I'm, clearly, no expert when it comes to this whole college thing, but here are my top 10 tips to enjoy your semester a little more.

1. Wake up with the mentality that you're going to crush it today


That's the truth, you're going to crush it today! Being optimistic not only boost your mood but inspires others around you.

2. Spend time alone daily


It's okay to want to close yourself off for a little bit. Your social battery can only take so much and it's okay to run out quicker than others.

3. Spend less time on your phone or watching TV, and more time hanging out with your people

Madison Cecil

Those tweets and pictures will still be there. The memories created with your friends, whether they're at the library or at a party, are something you won't forget.

4. Write down your thoughts


Keeping a journal of everything will help you to see your growth and change. We tend to think because change isn't instant, there isn't any at all. You can't see the rainbow without a little rain.

5. Make goals for yourself

Madison Cecil

Long term, short term, or even for the day, having goals for yourself helps your ambition and dreams.

6. Stop trying to impress everyone around you


We all crave validation, but you are the only person who can define your self-worth.

7. Forgive your mistakes and others


Nothing holds you back like a grudge. You can't learn for the future if you're stuck dwelling on the past.

8. Get healthy and practice self-care


You can't change your circumstances, but you can change your lifestyle. Taking care of your body, soul and mind can overall improves your college experience. Eat healthily, do your squats, and get some rest.

9. Focus on school

Madison Cecil

You have dreams and aspirations for your life and only you can achieve them. Grind now to shine later.

10. Pray

Madison Cecil

Whatever you believe in, you believe in it for a reason. There is never a wrong time to give thanks or ask for help. Just pray.