Buying tickets for any popular event can be very stressful and difficult. Whether the concert you want to attend is reasonably priced or a little bit of splurge, the type of tickets you purchase can make or break your experience at the show. As a person who has had experience with having awesome floor seats to multiple sold-out shows, these tips will surely help you find great tickets. If you are the type of person who doesn't care where your seats are for an event, maybe you can still learn a thing or two from these tips and share them with your friends and family. But if you are a person who wants to go to a really awesome event and want the best seats possible, hopefully, these tips will come in handy when you make your purchase.

1. Sign up for alerts!

If you are interested in seeing a certain artist or band, the best thing you could do is research! Follow them on every social media platform they use and turn on their notifications. Some artists have email subscriptions that you can sign up for to get the latest news, including an upcoming tour!

2. Research EVERYTHING!

If the artist(s) announced the dates and venues where they will be performing at, you should figure the regulations of the venue, what the capacity is, and figure out what type of seats you want.

3. Make a plan!

If the show is a general admission show, make a plan to camp out overnight. Figure how much money you need to pay for the tickets and other necessities such as food and transportation. Ask some friends to go with you to have fun together camping out.

4. Buy ASAP!

When ticket sales are about to go on sale, make sure you are on the website at least a half hour early and use multiple accounts to better your chances of getting good seats.

5. If all else fails, buy tickets the day of!

This could be very risky but it does work often. You can show up to the venue and see if there are any tickets left at the box office or if someone is trying to get rid of their tickets. You can also check websites such as TicketMaster or Live Nation the day of the show for reduced prices.