Tips For Being Interview
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Tips For Being Interview

How to successfully be interviewed.

Tips For Being Interview

Walking into an interview can be nerve-wracking. You might be going to interview for a job, internship, a seat in education, Greek life, or even for a club. You may have a phone interview, multiple individuals interviewing you, or a single interviewer. Here are some helpful tips to get through your interview no matter the opportunity you are seeking.

Eat a Good Meal Before the Interview

Having a healthy and filling meal before an interview is important. First off, they can hear your stomach grumble and that can be awkward. Eating a good meal can give you energy and make you feel more confident and focused.

Go to the Bathroom Before Hand

It is always a smart thing to go to the bathroom before your interview that way you do not have to hold it and lose focus. You never know how long the interview might take so do not risk it and skip the restroom.

Dress Properly and Appropriately

Most interviews are formal. Dressing appropriately is important to demonstrate to the one interviewing you the seriousness of the interview. Wearing business casual to business is always a good idea. You can never be too dressy for an interview.

Ask Questions/Comment

Asking question to the interviewer or putting your two cents in every now and then shows the interviewer that you are following along, interested, and engaged.

Bring a Resume

Some interviewers may not want your resume. However, it is always good to have with you because it shows you are prepared and responsible. Instead of having for the interviewer to pull it up, you have it with you and can pull it out quicker than them finding yours.

Be Genuine

Being yourself is important and I know you hear it all the time but it really does matter. An interviewer is able to detect if you are faking or being real. Sometimes nerves get the best of us, but as long as your honest your personality will shine.


A smile can go a long way and that may sound silly. If you do not have a face-to-face interview, being able to smile through the phone shows the interviewer that you can have some voice reflections and not just monotoned. Smiling in a face-to-face interview makes you appear not only happy and confident, but makes you more likable.

If you’re Nervous, Take a Minute

Take some deep breaths, listen to music, put your mind somewhere else, just distract yourself from what is about to happen. Not everyone gets nervous and everyone has different ways of calming him or herself. Find what best suits you.

These are important tips to helping you get through an interview. It is imperative to follow these tips to show your professionalism. Each interview is going to be different and some of these tips may not apply to all interviews. However, the majority of the time they do! Good luck, and remember these tips!

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