So I spent a crap ton of time on Tinder......for research. I'm just trying to help you ladies out...I promise.

1. Its pronounced Aaron, not Aaron.

Either way you read it, this is hilarious.

2. I promise I’m less blurry in person.

Cool, glad to know that you aren't just a bunch of pixels IRL.

3. I'm the dirty bubble from Spongebob.


4. 2 best places in the world are a deer stand and a woman's arms.

Chipotle. Need I say more?

6. Wewww wewww thot police ur under arrest.

"I've been a bad bad girl who needs to be punished." -Hairspray

7. My cat made me download this.

He's just casually letting you know he has a cat.

8. Every day is leg day when you run from your problems.

Look we can go running together.

9. Once you go Persian there's no other version.

I showed everyone this. Literally everyone.

10. I've never had a dog because my parents said I was allergic….So yes I want to pet your dog.

Just help this poor guy out ladies.