For anyone who has lived in a dorm setting, we all know that fire alarms are commonplace. At some point or another, there will be an annoying moment or two... or 30. We've probably all debated whether or not to stay in the dorms when we're almost positive that it's just a drill.

Here are 13 times that a fire alarm will go off.

1. You're showering

Have fun going outside when you still have suds in your hair.

2. You've just gotten into bed

While you might want to just stay in bed, you probably shouldn't.

3. You're trying to study

You're probably pretending to study while staring at your phone, but if you're actually studying, it's even more annoying.

4. You just sat down

It's like the alarms know.

5. It's snowing/freezing outside

I don't even have to explain why this is a horrible time for a fire drill.

6. Multiple times in a row

After one goes off, there should not be another for at least another week.

7. In the bathroom

Still pretty sure that the alarms know.

8. Just got back from a break

You're trying to move all of your stuff back into your dorm, and someone sets off the alarms.

9. You're Netflix-binging

While you can pause your show, it's not the same.

10. Your phone is on the charger

Have fun standing outside without your phone. It's probably going to be a long drill.

11. You have a face mask on/makeup half taken off

I don't even know how to help you here.

12. Something burnt while cooking

And now everyone is mad at you. Good job.

13. Popcorn burnt

As a subset off of 12, sometimes popcorn burns and sets off fire alarms. People are still mad at you though. Good job.