Timeline of the First Day of Camp
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Timeline of the First Day of Camp

A timeline of the stages of the first day of camp, as told by a long time camper.

Timeline of the First Day of Camp

It's a hot summer day in late June. The minivans start to multiply in the central high school parking lot.

8:30 AM: Shy camper apprehensively approaches the sign in table still linked to their parents arms.

8:35 AM: 5 second year campers excitedly take a picture in front of the bus in their matching, custom made shirts that read "Peace, Love, Camp _______" on them. (This picture will later grace all of their parents friends Facebook walls)

8:40 AM: Camper realizes they left something at home that they NEED. Parents reassure the child they will overnight it as soon as they get home.

8:45 AM: Campers board the bus, taking their precious time selecting a seat.

8:46 AM: Camper deboards bus to give one last hug to parents.

8:47 AM: Camper reboards bus.

8:48 AM: Camper deboards bus again.

8:50 AM: Parent boards bus to take a picture of their child, completely disregarding the numerous signs that clearly state "Parents are NOT to enter the bus".

8:55 AM: Veteren camper arrives (only 25 minutes late) with straight hair and full face of make up.

9:00 AM: Bus departs

9:01 AM: Youngest camper empties the entire contents of their "bus bag", including MadLibs, coloring books and stationary.

9:02 AM: Said camper begins to write letter to their parents about how much they miss them (it's been 2 minutes).

9:05 AM: "Are we there yet?"

9:10 AM: "Are we there yet?"

9:15 AM: "Are we there yet?"

9:30 AM: Bus sick camper.

9:45 AM: "How much longer?"

10:00 AM: Camper claims to recognize the 7-11 on the side of the road. He does not.

11:00 AM: Bus rolls through the entrance gate. Multiple campers burst into tears. Unsure of whose tears are out of sadness or elation, the counselor reminds everyone to remain in their seats until the bus has completely stopped.

11:00 AM: Camper stands up even though the bus is still moving.

11:02 AM: Staff members wave to the bus with significantly less enthusiasm they had at the beginning of the day.

11:05 AM: Campers deboard bus.

11:06 AM: That once pin straight hair on the veteran camper is now frizzy and in a high bun.

11:10 AM: Camper attempts to drag their body-bag sized "carry on" all the way to their bunk.

11:20 AM: Campers tackle each other, falling on top of more body bags.

11:30 AM: Campers that just arrived are envious of those who had their parents drive them in attempts to "get a better located bed".

11:45 AM: Camper explains they cannot be on the top bunk according to a doctors note.

12:00 PM: Lunch with a show (aka the speech from upper staff members that any old time camper can recite verbatim).

12:45 PM: The nice outfits the campers had left their homes in that morning are no longer....and have been replaced with athletic shorts and tank tops.

1:30 PM: Some campers areas look as if an F5 had hit. Others look like the haven't even unzipped their luggage.

2:00 PM: Rumors of a lice outbreak have began to spread (poor choice of words)

2:30 PM: Regardless of how many times they have been asked, duffles remain on the porch of the bunk rather than under the bunk, where they belong.

3:00 PM: Brand new sneakers have been broken in.

3:30 PM: Remember that make up the camper wore to the bus? Yeah, neither does she.

4:00 PM: Campers search for hiding places for their unapproved items.

4:01 PM: Campers decide they are too lazy to do so and turn in their unapproved items.

4:30 PM: Campers are expected at their first activity. They arrive 10 minutes late.

5:30 PM: Dinner ((campers break open their ramen noodle 12 packs))

6:30 PM: Campers are told all perishable items they had brought from home must be gone by the end of the night. Challenge accepted.

7:00 PM: Shower hour. Time to break open those carefully selected toiletries.

7:30 PM: Bunk is flooded from shower hour.

8:00 PM: The home cleanliness is officially gone.

8:30 PM: Camper realizes after all those Target runs, she forgot socks.

9:00 PM: "Let's go around the circle say your name, where you're from, how many years you've been going to camp and a fun fact."

9:02 PM: "I'm _______ from _______. This is my _ year at camp and I don't have a fun fact."

10:00 PM: "Isn't it weird we were at home this morning?"

10:30 PM: "Lights are going out in 30 minutes."

11:00 PM: *lights are turned off* Every camper complains that they haven't even started getting ready for bed yet.

11:00:01 PM: *lights go back on*

11:01 PM: Exhausted counselors fall asleep with the lights on.

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