6 Accessories Everyone Should Have To Upgrade ANY Outfit
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6 Timeless Accessories Everyone Should Invest In To Upgrade Nearly ANY Outfit

It's easy to spice up an outfit with these go-to accessories.

6 Timeless Accessories Everyone Should Invest In To Upgrade Nearly ANY Outfit

Accessories are a tricky game in the fashion world. On some days it's easy to find yourself wearing too many at once, and then on other days, it's always noticeable when you're bare of anything that sparkles or shines.

On top of that, the styles for accessories are constantly changing so staying on top of the trends can be challenging.

Though the tides of fashion trends tend to come in and go out every other decade, there are some pieces that are timeless. Here are six accessories that never get old and make your #OOTD pop every time.

Go-To Neutral Purse


It can get tedious to constantly be switching the contents of your purse from one bag to another. Don't get me wrong, I love a bold statement purse as much as the next girl, but a reliable, neutral-colored bag that matches my everyday outfits is way more useful.

When selecting a purse you know you're going to use a lot, stick to blacks, whites, creams, and tans!

Stackable Rings

Dainty and stackable rings can make a simple outfit rise to the next level. This style of ring is easy to find in sets that have a cohesive look, so you can wear them all at the same time without overloading your hands.

Sticking with similar tones and metals for your rings adds flair to your jewelry game but doesn't distract or seem tacky.

Retro Sunglasses

Sunglasses are probably the most practical and versatile accessory you can buy. Almost all of them are going to protect your eyes from the sun but only a few styles are going to last you through different trends in fashion.

Dark black lenses with a metal, black, or tortoise frame are going to match every outfit no matter the season.

Classic Hat

If you're a hat person, finding one that you love is crucial and can be a distinctive piece within your personal style. You can go with a classic beanie, a baseball cap, or even a wide-brimmed felt hat like the one pictured above.

All of these hat styles have stood the test of time and pair well with just about anything.

Hair Scarf

Hair scarves are an accessory that can easily perk up your look when you're having a bad hair day! You can tie it all back into a ponytail, tie it into a headband, or go for a simple half-up-half-down look.

They don't just work in your hair, but other parts of your outfit, too. For example, you can tie it around your neck like an ascot, onto your belt loops to add a little flair to your denim, or onto the strap of your purse!

Bold & Basic Earrings

Regardless if you have your ears pierced or not, earrings are a simple and bold accessory to throw into an outfit to make it shine a bit more. You can go with a super on-trend style or stick with a timeless gold hoop.

Whether it's a Tuesday in the office or a Saturday night at the football game, it's perfect to add to whatever look you're going for.

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