Time to Stop and Smell the Roses

Fun fact about my mama: she loves Bath & Body Works. A lot. So much so that her and I have our "stash" underneath one sink in my bathroom. It's our collection of hand soaps, body washes, hand sanitizers, lotions, and candles that we pull from periodically, whether for our use around the house or for gifts. At Christmas, we put together several Bath & Body Works presents. And one of my favorite things about the holidays is Bath & Body Works' seasonal line. Here are some of the best:

Sparkling Mint Blossom

This year is the first that I have known this scent to exist, but oh my goodness, it smells so good! We currently have this kind in our kitchen, and whenever I need to wash my hands, it's the soap I want to use. I am a proponent of clean smells. I like soft, light smells, with mint being one of my favorites. Likewise, this soap is minty without being overpowering. Characteristically, it also has that stuck-in-your-throat, cooling sensation mint has as well.

Winter Candy Apple

This one is obviously a mainstay for Bath & Body Works customers. Is it even Christmas if you don't have the Winter Candy Apple scent somewhere? I most often correlate this scent with a smoothness. It's a stronger smell than some others, but not necessarily in a bad way. The name most reflects the scent as well. The bright reds and pinks of a candied apple are picturesque of this rosy smell.

Twisted Peppermint

Twisted Peppermint is another Christmas tradition at my house. When I think of peppermint, I think of crisp, cutting smells- ones that are utterly recognizable, ones that click against your teeth. I most like using Twisted Peppermint lotion right before I put on my pajamas or fuzzy socks! The scent also has hints of vanilla, which is another of my personal favorites.


Every Christmas, we have a live Christmas tree in our house- no artificial ones- just the way I like it! And Evergreen is exactly that. It's just like a live Christmas tree, like someone has gone outside and chopped down a Fraser Fir to put in a home. This scent makes me think of the woods, filled with snow and a cloudy sky. A few years ago, mama even used an Evergreen Bath & Body Works plug-in behind our tree to amplify the smell of our tree. It was great!

Fresh Sparkling Snow

To me, this scent smells fruity- almost like some type of berry- like Lifesavers candy even. With a look at the Bath & Body Works review, the scent has hints of melon, green apple, and iced pear. Maybe it's the nice blue color, or the glittery snowflake on the front, but this scent just smells cold. I can almost hear the crunch of shoes against early-morning frosted ground.

With hundreds of scents coming in and out of Bath & Body Works stores every year, there's plenty to choose from! Hopefully these few of my favorites can help narrow your choices. Happy holidays!

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