Fall is here doesn’t mean you can let yourself fall. Fall means to give up giving up and to relinquish negativity in your life.

Don’t let go of time because when you can never get it back – Let go of activities that aren’t helpful for you.

Don’t let go of people, especially when they need help, because you don’t want people to abandon you when you’re in trouble – Let go of sins.

Don’t let go of yourself when you’re in a community – Let go of your selfishness.

Don’t let go of happiness – Let go of sadness, anger and hatred.

Don’t let go of passion – Let go of addiction.

Don’t let go of differences – Let go of discrimination.

Lastly, let go of sins – Don’t let go of God!

Live your life as awesomely as how you have been living it. Don't settle down for winter - Work harder to store your physical and mental food!

Have a great autumn everyone!