That Time My Manager Became My Mentor
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That Time My Manager Became My Mentor

She turned our workplace into a holy place.

That Time My Manager Became My Mentor
Allison Ward

Probably one of my favorite stories is the one about how my manager became my mentor.

I started working at this boutique as my first job and it was my first December there. We were snowed in and because we were not expecting many customers. It was just going to be Ashlyn and me.

We had never met because Ashlyn typically worked at one of the other boutique locations. So, it was our first interaction with one another and I remember going into that shift that morning that I wanted to ask her about her relationship with Jesus. Why? I don't know it seemed odd, yeah, but I had heard that she was a Christian and for some reason, I could not shake wanting to ask her about it.

She and I had been working for a couple hours, making small talk and we maybe had one or two customers come in. At one point, I just blurted out the question that I had been burning to ask. But, what made me admire her, even more, is what happened next.

She was completely raw and honest about her relationship with Jesus. She told me about how it was not where she wanted it to be and that she hadn't prayed in a while. So, we went behind the registers and prayed in the middle of the store. As we finished our prayer, a customer walked in.

Ever since that moment, the boutique hasn't been the same.

Ashlyn does not know how many lives she has changed.

Little did I know, this twenty-one year old was about to become my mentor and every other girl's lifeline to Jesus. The boutique we worked was all girls, and because it was retail we always had a quick turnaround of people quitting and getting new employees.

I've never met someone who could turn an interview into an hour-long conversation about faith and an invitation to church. I've never met someone who literally has invited every employee to church with her and still keeps relationships with every single one of them.

Sometimes, she would have a group of three or four employees with her at the church she goes to. A couple of my coworkers have now been baptized and one is singing at a church in Alabama now.

Yet, she doesn't see the rippling impact in each and every one of these girls lives.

She doesn't see that she's turned them all to Jesus, she's brought them in. Shes turned a workplace into a holy place.

Ashlyn has introduced people to and helped people strengthen their relationship with Jesus.

Ashlyn changed so much and so many people in that tiny boutique.

How are you going to turn others to Jesus this year?

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