A skill that I have tried so hard to learn since coming into college my freshman year is the skill of managing your time. Many of us college students are so caught up in the rush of college, that it feels like there's never a break- until it's over. As busy as I like to keep myself between my five classes, on-campus job, leadership positions and club involvement on campus, I have learned that for my sanity and health, it is also important to take a little bit of "me" time out of every day, a reflection period, or a relaxing period, depending on the events of the day. This can be you doing things such as reading a book (my favorite de-stresser), colouring, writing, or even just sitting and looking out your window to find your balance.

In our society, we tend to think that every waking hour of the day (if not spent in class) is spent in a social environment, because there is a fear of missing out (FOMO). As social as I am and as much as I am always thinking about what I could be doing instead of what I am currently doing, I have also learned over the past two years that sometimes sitting in silence is okay (especially for my mental state), studying is still a thing in college (I forget this A LOT), and knowing what will take you down from the high-strung cliff is also important in wisely managing your time. If you're so busy thinking about the next thing you have to do before you've even finished the task you're currently doing, it makes you less productive.

In college, I also find myself forgetting to eat whole meals, so it is also important to eat (more than just granola bars between meetings). I'll be honest when I admit that sometimes I go from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm before I remember that I haven't eaten all day, so I have started setting alarms for myself to remind myself to eat.

If you are worried about time management in college, you aren't alone. Here are a couple of other tips that I have tried to abide by:

1. Google Calendar.

Google Calendar will save your life! You can colour code everything- I separate classes, from club meetings to study sessions, as well as my social events such as concerts. It really has helped me to become more reliable and more likely to attend events on campus and not be late for meetings as well.

2. Make an hour a day for yourself to exercise.

I know everyone tells you to go to the gym, but working out really will minimize your stress. This is why I try to fit in 6 work outs a week, with Sunday as my break day.

3. Meal Prep

If you can cook a big pot of yellow rice or brown rice (or whatever you prefer) Monday night, along with some frozen grilled chicken and broccoli, you have dinner for the night as well as a couple of other nights. I like to divide out the rice and chicken into two or three other containers so that I can just grab it and go for lunch or dinner during the week.

Just remember if you're struggling to fit everything into your day, you are not alone! Time management is a skill that takes practice, and is something that is definitely a skill every college student could use.