Time Well Spent
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Time Well Spent

We Are A Finite Existence. With A Limited Number Of Breaths.

Time Well Spent

Time. Time is a conception that we, humans made. And I believe it was for a very specific purpose, that we very quickly forgot. Three o'clock, four o'clock, we use them for times of arrival or departure. We use it for appointments, for arrangements. To designate by a standard we are all familiar with, when to meet or call. But I think why we made time, is so much more important.

Time is the most valuable resource we are ever given. The most important thing in our lives, beyond loved ones, beyond parents, beyond any worldly item you can conjure or create. Because it is time that we invest in those facets of life, and it is from that time we make worth and value. Yet... Time is what we waste. We discard time so freely, and so willingly.

We are born with a finite number of breaths, a very real number of heartbeats, before we die. That's the cold hard truth. There is nothing gentle about it. It might be morbid and cruel to consider that, but at the same time, it is a fact. It is a flat statement, that we do not live forever. We will meet our end, one way or another, and that will never change. We could die this very instant, this day, or we may die thirty years from now. We could die young, or old, we can grow wrinkled and feeble, our mind scattered and failing. That will not change, death will claim us at the time appointed.

So why bother assigning time, if death would come at any point in it. Why give a name to the tragedy that descends. I believe it was named for a very specific purpose. It serves as a reminder of that fact. And gives us, not a standard to judge our lives upon their worth. Because time itself has no worth. Someone who has lived a thousand years, can have a life far more meaningless, than someone who has only lives seven years, or even seven months. Time is not a definition of worth in a life. Life is not that shallow as to be enhanced by length. Time is valuable, because it is with time we invest in life.

Time gives us memories. Memories are what gives life meaning. That is what I believe. If you do nothing with your life, you will have wasted your time to the fullest extent. That is the greatest sin, the greatest crime. Because you will have wasted, fully and without the slightest bit of guilty, every speck of life you were granted. If you go to the grave without a single memory of importance, a single scar, physical or emotional, then it is not a life worth living. If you have failed to touch a single soul, a single heart, or change a single mind, with whatever life you have lived, not a big task by any standard. A touch is not drastic, it is not enlightenment, it is simply a moments pause, and a moments consideration in someone else's life.

By the end of our life. Whether we are old and frail. Whether we are young and strong, and should still be full of years of adventure. We will have memories, of the things in life that matter. And most importantly, we will have time well spent.

Scars, wounds, memories and laughs that we have created by investing those finite number of breaths, those limited beats of our heart, with others, creating something we never would have experienced on our own. But it will hurt. Scars become scars, only because the body cannot forget what has happened, and instead seeks to remember it. Wounds of the body, time itself heals, leaving reminders in their wake. Yet wounds of the heart and soul, time does not, and never will heal. The cure for these wounds is special. Wounds of the heart, are healed by never being touched, by the heart, the mind, or gentle words. They are healed by investing time in someone else, who gradually, through their own unconscious actions, heal them. They are not healed because we heal them, no amount of time or effort will sovle that. They are healed by meeting specific people, and learning specific lessons, that ease that hurt, and lessens the suffering. But it may take years to find that one person, that will stitch up the gaping hole in our heart.

And until that day, it will hurt. It will feel as if the sun it searing through your chest. As if every part of your being is being ripped and pulled out of your body. And that is terrifying. But that is what life will do to you. And the point of that, is not to make you weak, not to make you cower in fear. It never was. And it never will be. TIme was not invented to mark the moments you are scared, the moments you cannot stand because you are frozen with the fear of falling.

Time was invented to the purpose of marking the moment when you took that critical step forward, into the darkness, into the pain, into the sorrow. And you broke away from it in the next. Time is not to be squandered, frozen in the wounds and pain of our heart. That is not how scars form. That is how wounds, jagged bleeding wounds are made. And that is not the purpose of time. Time is to be used, to meet those blows, roll with the punches, accept the hurt and the pain and the suffering plaguing our life. And to smile. Because that pain, means we are growing. Every step forward, every moment of time we invest in the future, into our lives and making them worth while. Every minute we spend making someone else smile, of changing, improving, and making our mark on the world, heals our heart. We grow from the excruciating pain and debilitating feeling, and rise. We gain beliefs, we gain courage. We learn lessons that we did not know before. And from those lessons, from those scars, those memories, good and bad. We teach the next generation. And all we must do, is apply it. To ourselves, to others in need.

Time is crafted, named and set in place, to give that resource we so dearly require a name. When you give it a name, it is so much harder to waste. Yet we do it anyway. We neglect what we should, and we fester in the wake of the past. We linger in the wounds that others have cut in our soul, of fear that we may die. But the truth of the matter is that we simply don't want to waste anymore time on someone else, because we are scared they make take it away. And in doing so we waste all of it. We squander it on things that don't matter, on ideals that won't heal us, but simply provide relief for a fraction of a second. When we should take that step forward, and take all of our time in our hands, and invest it. In the future, in loved ones, in finding that person in your life that you wouldn't hesitate to give up the rest of your time for, if only it makes them smile for a minute, or gives them life for another second.

That is what time is made for. Don't waste your time, scared of the pain to come, worried to step away from the small enclosure you have kept yourself safe in. That time is not meant to be wasted completing a game, or weeping alone. It was not given to you to be hurt. It was given to you to recover. We are finite beings. Our existence is erasable,if we let it be. Time ... slips through our fingers, and there is nothing we can do to quell the tides. Nothing at all.

So find that person that makes your life worth living. Find the one you want to spend every single moment of your life with, and give every ounce of your time to them. Take the risks, accept the scars. Do not be afraid of the pain, whatever it is you are doing. If you do not like the life you live, if you are plagued by the pain which you feel. Find the cure, spend your time seeking that which will pull your scattered broken being back into balance, not investing it in something that will heal it for a moment. Time is wasted when you do nothing with it. Time is well spent the moment you invest it in what you have been given, and the moment you give it back to others.

So don't waste your time. After all, you have only so much, before it is gone. You only have so many heartbeats, until what you can do slips through your grasp. But in the end, it's your choice what you do with it. And there is nothing I can do about that. My advise is simply this.

Spend it well.

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