True Friendship Isn't Measured By Time

More recently, I've noticed that my closest friends are the friends I've known for the shortest amount of time.

Just because you've known someone for less time doesn't mean your friendship has less meaning. Finding true friends is hard and once you find people that you can vibe with, something as simple as time shouldn't be a factor in determining value. I've had friends that I've known for a long time that quickly turn into strangers because something there just doesn't click or work out. Sometimes people change and just drift apart — it happens. I've had people that I just instantly get along with the moment I get to know them and those are the people that end up staying for good.

Friendship isn't a competition about who's known you the longest. Sometimes people you've known for a long time don't really know who you are. Friendship is about finding people that work with you and love you for who you are. It's about having a relationship with people that aren't toxic and beneficial to your life. Friendship is having people who impact your life positively and who find a way to bring forth the best version of yourself. It's more than just surface-level friendship too. It's more than just having people to hang out with — it's those late night phone calls and talks about life that really create a friendship. Find people you connect with on a far more personal and emotional level. These are the people who will truly know you for you.

It's crazy how even though I just met these wonderful people this year, how far we've come along and how open we are with each other. Our friendship has evolved from just being acquaintances to being best friends in the span of months. Fate has brought us together to cherish this love we have and to enjoy this life together. When I look back at it, I can't imagine what life was like without these friends and how I even managed to make it this far along. I am so grateful for my friends and the role they play in my life. I have never met people that I've connected with more and with a bond this strong, it'll be pretty hard to break. My advice to you is to cherish these friendships. There's a reason why your energy vibes with this person and don't let it go to waste.

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