We have all heard it time and time again: "Time flies."

We say this like it is some depressing revelation.

When your kid goes off to kindergarten and you are a puddle of tears, you think "TIME FLIES."

Or when you yourself graduate college and you get super nostalgic and think, "TIME FLIES." (*Cough cough* this is me.)

But when we think about this little phrase, we take it as a bad thing. We sort of shove it under the rug and think, "Time flies, and it's never coming back, and now my kid is grown up, and I am sad."

See the rabbit hole of sadness or angst that this could quickly become?

I am probably the most nostalgic person to walk the Earth. I live in a constant mix of "Wow, I miss that" and "WOW, I love this."

Today, I started thinking about the fact that there are some seasons of this life that we all wish would just go a little quicker.

For instance, when you are sitting in an insanely boring lecture, you probably aren't really wanting to just soak in the moment.

And on a more serious note, if you are feeling hurt like you have never felt before, you probably just want the moment to pass. If you are sitting in a tough season right now, time probably does not feel like it's flyin' and I am willing to bet you truly wish deep down that you could press fast forward and jump to the side of things where you are healed.

Perhaps we don't need the reminder that time flies when we are in the midst of a happy day like our wedding day, or our child's first day of college, yet we do need it on the days when we are a puddle of tears in our room secluded from the world.

Here's the deal though, those are the moments when we MUST know that time does in fact fly. It doesn't fly in some depressing, "all the good moments of my life are gone type of way", however in a "Wow, one time I got through that, and by the grace of God I will get through it again" type of way.

So, to the one who is dealing with the death of a loved one, divorce, depression, anxiety, and all sorts of pain, know that there will be healing. Know that you can and will look back at this moment right now and think, "WOW, time actually does fly." Know that there is a season for rejoicing and a season for mourning. Know that you are allowed to reach out to others for help. Know that you are not a burden. Know that this tough season is not going to last forever. Know that you are loved.

Remember where you have come from? God got you through that, He can most definitely get you through this too.