Tiger Woods' Selection Onto The Ryder Cup Team Eclipses His Comeback Year

Tiger Woods' Selection Onto The Ryder Cup Team Eclipses His Comeback Year

Woods has earned the role of the "comeback kid" this season after surpassing everyones expectations, including his own, and being selected for the Ryder Cup team


For any sports fan that loves a story of trials and tribulations, a resurgence into the limelight and more importantly a successful comeback - Tiger Woods's selection onto the United State's Ryder Cup team by captain Jim Furyk holds all that and more.

For Woods, who was selected as the team's vice-captain back in January, which was essentially done with the anticipation that Woods would not return back to a respectable golf state in time for the tournament, let alone ever return close to one, it's vindication for all of those who still doubt him that he is back. At the time of his selection as vice-captain, Woods was ranked 656th in the world golf rankings and had not played a single round of competitive golf in over a year due to his 4th back surgery in the previous three years. Since then, he has catapulted himself up the world golf ranking charts, held the lead in a major on the final day of the tournament, and earned a runner-up spot in the PGA Championships (one of the biggest golf tournaments of the year).

With all this in mind, it seems very improbable for Tiger Woods fans across the globe and even for him himself, to believe that he is where he is. As of a year ago, Woods shocked the sports world by saying he was not entirely sure if he would ever compete in a professional golf tournament again. He simply did not know what the future held for him. Looking back on the arduous road he has traveled to get to where he is, even some of his biggest haters and doubters can appreciate the hard work he has shown to get back to playing golf at a world-class effort.

When Woods finished runner-up at the PGA Championships, winner Brooks Koepka acknowledged where the hearts of the those in the crowd really were. He knew that everyone wanted Tiger to win. To culminate this comeback season with a charge on Sunday by the man in Red. To witness his first major win in 10 years. To see the fairytale ending that was meant to be. But for those fans and fans alike, they will have to wait for Woods's first comeback win; let alone a win at a major championship.

But, that win is not far away. Woods has watched himself steadily climb up the world rankings where he now resides at 26th in the world. He also holds an opportunity at qualifying for the FedEx Championships which is host to the top 30 players on tour for the year. It is the equivalent of the playoffs for basketball or baseball, and Woods is within the top 30.

Yes, Woods has not won a tournament yet in his march back into the sport of golf. However, what he has accomplished this season is unequivocally remarkable. He has earned the title of the "comeback kid" in my books and has brought back a certain feeling towards the sport of golf that is indescribable. All I can say is watching Woods play in his classic Sunday red attire with black pants, no man is safe and he can smell that victory looms near.

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