Greta Thunberg Should Not Have Been Time's Person Of The Year
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Greta Thunberg Should Not Have Been Time's Person Of The Year

No disrespect, but there's another group out there that's way more deserving of the award.

Greta Thunberg Should Not Have Been Time's Person Of The Year

Over the past few months, 16-year old Greta Thunberg has blown up across social media for her tireless activism over global climate change. Her youth and passion intrigued and moved many - enough people for Time magazine to declare Thunberg "Person of the Year."

Before I dive in, I want to start with this: I believe Greta Thunberg has no malice or sinister intentions. I am not here to deface her character or call her "useless" as I've seen many people on Twitter do. She is a young girl placed under a harsh spotlight.

But she should not be Time's Person of the Year.

The truth is this: Greta is nothing more than a perfectly picked figurehead for a movement that needed more momentum. The words she says are scripted and carefully chosen. It is quite possible she knows little about the issue she holds so dearly to her heart except what she is fed to spout. This is usually the case with young activists - except for the fact that Greta is on the autism spectrum, so it seems that sinister that the people in power who dictate what Greta says to the public have taken advantage of someone.

Even worse, the poll for Time's Person of the Year displayed a different victor: the Hong Kong protesters that have held mass demonstrations in order to seek autonomy from China. The demonstrations were benign at first, before turning into an outright rebellion as flack from police have turned these previously peaceful events into belligerent and bloody messes. Tens of thousands of young demonstrators have risked their lives for political freedom and the world had noticed. Except, Time would not give them the cover.

Why not? This is something for you to research (although it might have something to do with Time being owned by Time Warner which has a partnership with China Media Capital: hint hint!).

All in all, Time's Person of the Year shouldn't be a hefty award. After all, Hitler and Stalin both previously won this award, right? However, to completely disregard the Hong Kong protesters (even in the face of all those votes!) seems shoddy, especially since Greta is showered with attention and the Hong Kong protesters are rarely mentioned in the media. No disrespect to Greta Thunberg, but this one is not for you.

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