Throwback to the early 2000s

Now that we make parties priorities, schedule early classes, and job search, it is important to look back on the days when we were surrounded by puberty, butterfly clips, big headbands and Akon. As if your middle school days weren't painfully awkward enough that they are imprinted on your brain forever, here's some of the many impossible-to-forget lifestyle of the average 2000s middle schooler.

1. Agonizing over what Abercrombie top you'd wear to the school dance.

2. The sound of the door creaking open or slamming shut on AIM and checking to see if it was your crush.

3. Making sure your away message was perfect and noticeable for your crush and popular kids.

4. Stressing over the perfect top eight friends on MySpace.

5. Writing "boobies" in your calculator in math class.

6. When "owning" photos were the perfect caption.

7. Putting "Aaaaa" in front of your best friends name in your phone so they are always first.

8. Writing your favorite song lyrics on your arm, shoes, or piece of notes from class.

9. Editing pictures to the max and adding big, obnoxious text.

10. Making sure your MySpace was the best one so you would change the song every single day.

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