If you know anything about me, I love quotes. They mean a lot to me and I read them more than a lot of other things. I also don't read them for surface value. I am a big fan of subtext. I figured I could give out some quotes then break them down further, if possible, for a meaning that you might not have caught on to.

1. The classic Eric Thomas Quote:

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, than you will be successful."

Clearly, we understand what he is saying which is that when you want to accomplish goals as much as you want to be alive, you will then do so. He also is making a reference at your perspective. A lot of the time people postpone goal accomplishing tasks for momentary satisfaction. If the commitment to succeed paralleled your commitment to breathing, you will then achieve anything. The big underlying them here is something I know for sure I know a lot of people missed. What is the biggest part of breathing that can be related to success? Consistency. Countless repetitions is the only way breathing is effective.

2. "A decision is a validated by a change in action. If your actions do not change, you truly did not make a decision."

I really like this quote but because of the simple wording but the powerful meaning. Very often you here someone state a goal they want to accomplish but they never seem to have moved in that direction of the goal stated. They really didn't make a decision.

3. "I'm far from a Harvard student, I just got the balls to do it."

I'm a huge rap fan and could have done this off of lyrics easily but this is one of my favorite lyrics, ever.

This was one of the best lyrics ever for me and anyone like me. The thought of having to be naturally the best student ever to do something meaningful in life is such a scary and derailing idea. That's a lot of pressure for any kid coming up in a elementary, middle, or high school. This lyric simply tells you, if you're crazy enough to try something, you're great enough to achieve it.