Three Lessons We Need To Learn From Wonder Woman

What Wonder Woman Teaches Us in the Age of Trump

Many of you are wondering how we can combat and deal with Trump over the next 4 years. How do we deal with his constant barrage that seeks to ravage the world and get rid of all things decent and good in the world? I have a suggestion for you.



Yes, please do.

Why is that? Well, you have to understand that Wonder Woman reveals that Trump really isn’t the problem. We are the problem. There is a continuous battle to make the world better or to make it worse. It is in our nature to do bad things. We engage in tribalism, apathy, and mistreatment of people different than us. But there are lessons we need to learn from this movie that can give us guidance on what to do.

It is as much a superhero movie as it is a social commentary. It is a war movie that was probably the most realistic depiction of war since Saving Private Ryan.

Wonder Woman teaches us that there are no inherently good or bad people in the world. We struggle and fight with ourselves because we all possess both the propensity to do good and evil. We are all guilty of mistreating others. We are all guilty of being negligent of war and its effects on society. We are of one tribe: human beings. We'll all make strides against war, destruction, and discrimination.

It also teaches us that war robs us of the joys of life. In war, there is no celebration, no partying, no jovial attitudes. There is nothing but a cold, dark world ruthlessly picking out its next victim. One of the most beautiful scenes in the movie depicts people liberated by Wonder Woman and her crew dancing, laughing, and having a good time. Steve Trevors says "I haven't heard him sing in a long time" when he sees one of the liberated people, Charlie, singing. Whether it's in Syria, Russia, or wherever, we need to do everything in our power to stop war from happening.

Lastly, we need self-sacrifice and understanding. It's not enough just to oppose what's wrong in the world. Individuals need to give up their rights and be willing to sacrifice their comfort for the greater good. In a world that is growing increasingly tribal and selfish, those individuals who believe in peace and justice must be bold even if it costs losing a job or more.

In Wonder Woman, all the individuals made sacrifices in hope to see mankind triumph. We have to see that dream realized on this Earth. We have that potential.

Gone are days where we can sit back idly and watch the world burn. As long as there is evil in the world, there must be a group of people willing to stand up against it. To fight against our very own nature which wants to be the most selfish, the most tribal, and the most destructive. We have to choose as Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, Sameer, Charlie, and the Chief chose, to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

And in the end we get justice.

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