4 Must Haves For Three Kings Day

4 Must Haves For Three Kings Day

Three kings day is like the first christmas of the year qith delicious bread and champurado


Unlike for most people, my winter break celebrations aren't over after New year's, now it's time to get ready for Three Kings day on January 6th

1. Rosca de reyes


This delicious treat is the center of the holiday. The point of it is to cut a piece out of it then checking inside to see if you got a little plastic toy baby.

2. The baby inside the rosca


If you by any chance get the baby, get ready because in February we celebrate "el día de la Candelaria" and you're in charge of making the food. Dont try to hide it, everyone tries and fails.

3. Atole/champurado/chocolate


Every family has their own recipe and all types of different delicious drinks are made. It isn't just made because its cold outside, honestly it could be warm and we would still make it. Its just a tradition. A delicious tradition that makes the rosca taste better.

4. Its like Christmas for the second time


This tradition varies by household. Some do it and some don't. But if you do, you know exactly what I mean by second Christmas. The tradition goes that you take one of your shoes and put it under the christmas tree, then the 3 kings come while you're sleeping and they either leave money or a small gift in your shoe. The bigger the shoe, the better.

If you have never celebrated Three Kings day I suggest finding a family that does and celebrating with them. It's amazing.

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I'm A Woman And I Think We Need International Men’s Day

Men are our providers and protectors.


Most of you have probably heard about International Women's Day with Snapchat filters, Google Doodles, and "the day without women" started by the Women's March, but have you ever heard about a holiday where the accomplishments of men are celebrated? Such a holiday is in existence and it's called International Men's Day.

International Men's Day was started by Thomas Oaster and was enacted on February 7th, 1992, with the intentions of the promotion of gender equality, highlighting male role models, and focusing on the health and wellbeing of men and boys. Despite what you hear from leftist academia and media, men and boys aren't swimming in a pool of privilege and still face hardships in life. Many of you heard about the phrase "toxic masculinity," which is the concept of how a traditional male should behave based on society's expectations. The most common solution to this problem of "toxic masculinity" is to get rid of it, but that is of no help.

This concept of "toxic masculinity" starts as early as grade school, with boys getting harsher punishments than their female counterparts. Why is this the case though? According to the book, "Reaching Boys, Teaching Boys: Strategies That Work and Why," boys are far more likely than girls to get expelled from preschool, get diagnosed for learning disorders and attention problems, and are less likely to do homework. This type of observance plays a role in the teacher's grading criteria which is more biased toward behavior than academics.

Schools have to realize that boys and girls aren't the same when it comes to learning. Girls are more interested in fiction, magazines, and poetry while boys are more interested in comics and nonfiction. School libraries should be more supplied with this type of literature, says Keith J. Topping, a professor at the University of Dundee in Scotland says.

This devaluing of masculinity continues on into higher education, with young men enrolling at college at a much lower rate. There is also a notion that "rape culture" is running rampant on college campuses which have led to the hostility of these young men attending their respective institutions. The same young men are brought before a campus judiciary committee, who were educated by this thought of "rape culture," and are named openly while being charged with rape, despite the lack of corroboration. In some cases, due process is nonexistent and if found guilty can lead to a life-long smear of lies.

When it comes to proving this heinous crime, there are often two sides of the story, Side A and Side B. It can be possible that one or both of the sides can be deceptive toward authorities and these same authorities, in some cases, have to depend on word of mouth due to the lack of physical evidence.

This idea of "toxic masculinity" is a method used by third wave radical feminists to undermine the hardships that men and boys often experience. If a man has no masculinity, then he will not stop the man that is wicked and has too much masculinity. You can't remove the aggression, violence, and ambition from the male psyche if you tried. If harnessed properly it can lead to war and tyranny ending, building businesses and economies, and family and community support.

Men are our providers and protectors, and we need to acknowledge this day that celebrates what our husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons, go through on a daily basis and the much more difficult adversities they have to endure. So the next time when you underestimate a man's worth, remember that he has feelings of his own and that he's ready to put his life on the line to protect you and the people you care about. Happy International Men's Day.

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Poetry On Odyssey: Wild Flower

A wild flower bloomed. Growing in all the places you never expected. I surprise you and bring beauty to the ugliest places.


Wild Flower

Wild Flower I wish there was a book, a way to teach me to fall out of love with you. To help me erase the toxic memories and my extreme crys. How do I not run back, I lack the urge to forget us, you.

Plans gone to Disintegrate the same as what was you and me. Going through pictures of good times we weren't picture perfect, we weren't worth the picture still.

I deserved so much better but I was unable to see the deep sea of sorrow and pain and lies and let me not forget the excuses and repetitive I'm sorries and constant pathetic excuses you drowned me in. You were my anchor and so was your baggage. I carried it all, you carelessly took it for granted.

I fell into my own personal sunken place. You cast a spell I was unable to fall from, I have seen you. I see you for who you are and I was mute at the time. You swept me off my feet and I fell on my face.

How pitiful of both of us. Shame on us for this waste of time. Lessons learned but bridges burned. This path we can't cross. This book we have to keep closed.

Hurt people, hurt people. At least that's what they say, I'm hurt past words description something so deep that self-love, optimism, and positivity can't fix. I hurt me, allowing this negative energy.

You never loved me for more than my curves and island of intimacy initially, in denial of the damaging denting you did to me. You left me in a darkness, much more than the sunken place. I was sinking though, I fell and became lost in the deception.

Deep in optimism that this was all just a phase, I waited and waited, hoping that glimmer would return to your eyes only in return did I see stale stares and the stars never aligned in our favor. I'm a galaxy but to you, I was only the moon.

Dark and ever changing through stages. I'm stuck as I see myself slowly drift, fading away. Man on the moon, alone and afraid. Exploring this new atmosphere, floating through space. Just existing missing the steady ground.

Why did you drag me through the dirt, even though that was the best gift you gave me. I never realized but I wasn't buried from your decisions but only planted. You planted the seed to the new me. Finally, I sprouted my roots and grounded myself.

I submerged from the ground, a wildflower bloomed. Growing in all the places you never expected. I surprise you and bring beauty to the ugliest places. My bright color pops a bright yellow on a black canvas.

I'm so strong no winds can sway me. Like a tree, I stand strong with beautiful tough skin. My layers show wisdom, years of experience.

I never let you define me, I made my own definition. A beauty who's a beast, both yin and yang. She is everything you ever wanted to be.


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