4 Must Haves For Three Kings Day

4 Must Haves For Three Kings Day

Three kings day is like the first christmas of the year qith delicious bread and champurado

Angeles Cuevas

Unlike for most people, my winter break celebrations aren't over after New year's, now it's time to get ready for Three Kings day on January 6th

1. Rosca de reyes


This delicious treat is the center of the holiday. The point of it is to cut a piece out of it then checking inside to see if you got a little plastic toy baby.

2. The baby inside the rosca


If you by any chance get the baby, get ready because in February we celebrate "el día de la Candelaria" and you're in charge of making the food. Dont try to hide it, everyone tries and fails.

3. Atole/champurado/chocolate


Every family has their own recipe and all types of different delicious drinks are made. It isn't just made because its cold outside, honestly it could be warm and we would still make it. Its just a tradition. A delicious tradition that makes the rosca taste better.

4. Its like Christmas for the second time


This tradition varies by household. Some do it and some don't. But if you do, you know exactly what I mean by second Christmas. The tradition goes that you take one of your shoes and put it under the christmas tree, then the 3 kings come while you're sleeping and they either leave money or a small gift in your shoe. The bigger the shoe, the better.

If you have never celebrated Three Kings day I suggest finding a family that does and celebrating with them. It's amazing.

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