Have you ever slept over anyone's house? If you have, then you probably know you cannot be the first person to fall asleep, because if you are, odds are, you will be pranked. These pranks can range from putting the victim's hand into warm water to make them urinate themselves to drawing on the victim's face with Sharpie. These pranks are obviously very funny, but they're a little old. So, today, I'm going to give out some new, very funny pranks.

1. Egg Beater

This one is going to be a classic, I can feel it. It's not very hard to pull off either. In fact, there are two ways to do it! The classic way is to crack an egg open into your friend's sleeping mouth. This way, your buddy will get to feel like Rocky when Rocky is eating inedible food. The other version of this prank is the X-treme way. You need to be a bit more sneaky with this one. You need to find a way to actually put an egg in the victim's mouth. When it's in his/her mouth, push their cheeks in. They'll get that hilarious eggy sensation. You need to be cautious though. Your friend might choke on egg shell and that's a lawsuit you probably don't have time to deal with. If your pal gets mad at you, then just tell them to grow up. Screaming "It's just a prank bro!" will also work.

2. Funny Money

This one is quick and easy. You'll need a coin (preferably a quarter, but if you have sufficient funds, a 50 cent piece will work too), and some strong glue. Probably wood or gorilla glue. When your friend is asleep, put some glue on that coin and gently press against his/her head. Hold it long enough to make it stick. The goal is to make it an almost permanent inclusion to your friend's face. If your friend is able to get the coin off of his/her head, they might have a permanent mark on their head, so clearly this is a pretty good prank. It works even better if your friend has an important meeting the next day. They'll never know what hit them. Just remember, DO NOT admit that you were wrong. Your stick-in-the-mud friend will try to make you pay for the surgery to fix his/her forehead. Odds are you won't want to pay, so just don't admit you were wrong.

3. Mystery of the Moving Body

You need a heavy sleeper for this one. You also need to know of an area owned by a very crotchety elderly person, preferably a violent one. You and another fellow prankster need to take your friend and put them into this violent elderly person's backyard. Bonus points if your friend has no idea where this backyard is. Your idiot friend will wake up and have no idea what happened! Then the elderly person will come out and whack him/her with a cane! There is a way to make your friend think that he/she made a mistake and therefore will not blame you. If you strip them down to their underwear and somehow give them a headache, they will think they were drunk and blame themselves! Then, he/she will tell your their story and you will have to bite your lip from laughing! It's the definition of perfect.

There they are! Some fresh ideas for the imbecile who falls asleep first at the next sleepover!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the read!